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GlobeIn Refresh Box Review: Summer Essentials in 1 Box

ethical and fair trade subscription box review
This post is part of a paid collaboration with GlobeIn and I received a Refresh Box to review. All opinions are my own.

While I've enjoyed every box I've received from GlobeIn through our three-part collaboration (one, two), the Refresh Box might be the one that really gets me

For one, it comes with a handmade straw hat that has a drawstring tie you can tighten around your chin or wear around your neck, which means it'll stay put and I won't constantly be asking Daniel where my hat went off to (I frequently lose things). It also includes a box of Numi Organic Tea and you may have noticed that I'm a Numi ambassador, writing a few posts a month for their blog. The woven wrap has the multi-use qualities I look for, and the Moroccan Tea glass rounds out the box perfectly.

2 Summer Dresses: Pyne & Smith Clothiers + Everlane

The weather in Charlottesville has been in the high 90s for the last several weeks and it's all people can talk about. Because we're in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we're subject to some strange weather patterns, and from year to year the temperature in late July can vary considerably. This year is one of the hot ones.

It seemed like a good time to (finally) photograph and review a couple summer dresses that readers have asked about: the Indigo Striped V-Neck from Pyne & Smith Clothiers and the Everlane Striped Tee Dress.


blogging, transparency, questions

Sending a few quick questions out there...

Would you all appreciate monthly/quarterly financial statements regarding my blog?

What other transparency-related things would you like to see?

What's one challenge you're experiencing that's discouraging you from achieving your sustainability goals?

What's something you'd like to know about me?

What's something you'd like me to know about you?

And finally, is there a conscious consumerism/sustainable living/social justice/religious topic you are interested in learning more about?


Answer in the comments and I'll respond soon! 

Interview: Talking Dignity + Autonomy with Songa Designs

Songs Designs fair trade Unity Sarong, made in Africa

Let's be honest: interviews with ethical brands can sometimes feel a bit repetitive.

Person concerned with social justice starts a business to provide fair wage jobs to disenfranchised people. Lovely? Yes. Original? Not exactly.

But I have had the very good fortune of interviewing people who are not afraid to get into the nitty gritty details of what this work entails, to be honest about the internal and external issues of working in an industry that wants to do good but doesn't always have the resources to make the most effective business decisions.

Today's interview with Sarah Sternberg of Rwanda-based Songa Designs provides the kind of detailed, anecdotal information I can add to my mental library to form a clearer picture of the industry and its challenges as a whole. Thanks for your time, Sarah.

Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant Review

everlane wide leg crop pant review

I mean, look at 'em. They're pretty perfect.

The Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pants fit perfectly out of the package. No adjustments needed. I don't have much else to say on that front other than that I'm still in shock they worked out so well. I already have a pair of wide leg crops courtesy of the thrift store, but they're such a comfy and flattering fit (well, besides the fact that my butt looks huge) that I thought I'd use some Everlane  store credit* to purchase this pair.