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For over 5 years, StyleWise has been a trusted source for sustainable fashion and ethical lifestyle resources.
  • I am committed to transparency and compelling storytelling.
  • My readers are engaged, and regularly share content and comment on posts.
  • My click-through rate is high (based on affiliate sales tracking).
  • I typically work with only 2-4 brands per month, so your content will never get lost in a sea of sponsored posts.

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I am always enthusiastic to share your blogs on our social because I genuinely think you have a rational, informed perspective on the retail world that needs to be heard. - Val Schade, Ten Thousand Villages

Your site has become the single greatest referrer to our site and increased our Instagram followers by 50% and doubled our almost non-existent Pinterest following.  - Tavie Meier, MadeFAIR

Thanks again for this thoughtful and beautifully written piece.  We've gotten a lot of great feedback from your blog and Instagram posts...I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. - Diana, Grove & Bay

It was great working with you...and we are also very happy with the new Instagram followers and your post and photos were perfection!  - Lucia Ruth, Malia Designs

...thank you for offering a fair and affordable sponsor fee; it’s been worth it already - I hope we both grow from it. - Betsy, National Picnic

We've received inquiries and two orders already [within 2 days of posting] from people who found us through your blog so it's more than paid for itself! - Megumi Project

[Within 24 hours of posting] I already got a sale via Etsy directly from your post! - Allison, Happy Fox Jewelry

Your blog was warm, generous, thoughtful, articulate and humorous! Really warmed the cockles of my heart! I'm so glad I asked you to do this promotion! You WERE the right person! I knew it, but reading your blog/ promo just then confirmed it! - Emma, Emma Suzanne Scarves


  1. I haven't had a spare moment to fully read your newest post about transparency in the blogisphere yet, but I noticed this new subsection on your blog today right away as I was heading towards your resources section (I use it almost daily as my shopping directory- I like to peruse beautifully curated finds as a way to unwind). I now feel I better understand why these facts and statistics are not only important to your readers but helpful to them! It's so easy to simply think of you as this friend from far-away who writes think-pieces, and it makes me personally want to say, "I trust you, you don't have to share these things," but this information is a valuable part of the ethical and good business you do. I'm so glad your blog can exist as a job for you and that there are ways through which businesses can contact you to get their messages out there, and we can see that process. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for commenting on this topic. It's something I'm transparent about, but I have a hunch not too many readers make their way over here. To me, it just makes sense to make it public so that readers, other bloggers, and brands can all understand the inner workings of this space. Of course, prices and stats represented here are not always cut and dried (and they increase as my readership grows), but at least it gives people an idea of the process. Also, glad the shopping directory is useful to you!