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StyleWise is more than a shopping blog. I seek to help readers take an integrated approach to ethics that encompasses daily habits, social action, and conscious consumerism.

My reader is curious, passionate, and willing to dive into the nuances of living an ethical lifestyle. She is progressive-leaning and believes that it is her responsibility to make an impact on those around her by modeling responsible consumer and lifestyle choices. She values transparency and vulnerability. 

This lifestyle demands a higher level of engagement, so providing well written, informative, nuanced content is particularly important to me. I love being able to feature and celebrate companies that ask hard questions and make a difference in the world. In fact, I see this as an integral part of what makes StyleWise the successful resource it is.

I typically work with no more than 5 companies per month to ensure that my blog feels authentic and well curated, so your sponsored post or review will never get buried in the archives.

If you have a great company with a great cause, I would love to hear from you. Email me using the form below or at to get started. (View my Media Kit here. View my Freelance Portfolio here.)

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