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I feel borderline ridiculous in these glasses. But while I still have them to sample, may as well play dress-up. I'm not sure if I'm ready to take the leap into extra large glasses. Maybe I'm just not used to myself in them.

Ethical choices are bolded below:

  • Striped Shirt - Lush via T. J. Maxx (made in USA)

  • Button Up Knit Shirt - J. Crew

  • Jeans - American Rag via Plato's Closet

  • Moccasins - Minnetonka via ebay

  • Necklace - Boutique Minimaliste on etsy

  • Glasses - Benji Frank

I didn't realize until just now that everything I'm wearing was produced responsibly. I have noticed on recent trips to T. J. Maxx, however, that many of the brands they carry are produced domestically. You can shop lots of places if you have the patience to look at the labels before making a purchase.


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