There's something that appeals to me about having a signature style. It's like that scene in the opening number of Pepper Ann where she opens her closet to multiples of the same outfit. You wouldn't have to fuss over your wardrobe that much and everyone would know you for your winning clothing combination.

If I had a signature outfit for spring, it'd be a midi skirt paired with a simple tee. I'm happy that midi skirts are finally universally in this season because I don't have to alter vintage, thrifted skirts anymore. And there are tons out there, so it's easy to start a collection.

midi skirt outfits
sources (left to right, top to bottom): one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

All skirts pictured were made in the USA; the fox shirt was printed on an American Apparel tee; and all other items would be easy to find on the secondhand market.