the moral wardrobe: guest post by Jennifer

My sister enthusiastically volunteered to share a Moral Wardrobe guest post with you today! The Wells sisters look awesome in midi skirts.



I got this great skirt from a church thrift store a few days ago while in historic St. Augustine, Florida. I don’t wear long skirts very often, but I really like high waisted items and I was drawn to the colorful stripes. I paired it with a black tank and jean vest so that I wouldn't overpower the outfit with pattern (I prefer simple looks). I then added accessories that brought out the colors in the skirt, such as my blue rethreaded wristband and antique red earrings.

P.S. you should really check out rethreaded if you get the chance. They are a great organization whose goal is to help women reestablish their place in society after coming out of the sex trade.

Ethical choices are bolded below:

  • Skirt - thrifted, $2

  • Sandals - thrifted, gift

  • Bracelet - rethreaded

  • Ring - fair trade, gift

  • Earrings - antique store purchase, $3

  • Tank top - Target, $6

  • Vest- Ross, $7

  • Cat- animal shelter, priceless

Thanks for sharing, Jenny. I really like that skirt - and Tigger the cat.


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  1. Reblogged this on Jennifer Nichole Wells and commented:
    Thanks Leah for allowing me to share, and for having an awesome blog, and for being my sister!

  2. Hi Leah! I just discovered your blog via October Rebel, as I'm beginning to learn about fair trade and ethically made clothing. I appreciate the resources you list, and I will definitely check them out. You and your sister have great style! :)

  3. Thanks for reading! I hope my blog can offer some good information. I share information as it comes to me, so if you discover something that you think would be a good resource, let me know.

  4. Hi, Leah! I ordered a navy faux wrap skirt from Fair Indigo and it arrived today. It's really nice, and I'm impressed by their products, which are good classic pieces. They have gorgeous embroidered flats that I might save up to by. Just wanted to share. :)

  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Checking them out now.