usa made swedish clogs

I bumped into a pin of a pair of Bryr clogs this morning, clicked around, and ended up at the company website, where I quickly discovered that the Swedish-inspired heels are made in the USA!

Founder Isobel explains that she embarked on her clog-making journey after becoming dissatisfied with her corporate position at a major retailer. She was trained by a Minnesota-based clog manufacturer in 2012 and the rest is history.

But the purpose of Bryr goes deeper than a mid-life crisis. As she explains:
I believe whole-heartedly in the intrinsic value of well-made things. I believe it's about time that we treated the things we wore with as much thought as the things we eat- that they are made with fair practices, that the makers are treated with respect, that they are made to last and that they use sustainable materials. I want to make clogs that in 20 years, your daughter will pull out of the closet and want to wear because they are timeless, beautiful and well made.

I'm not super patriotic, but I think it's great to be able to support domestic companies when it's clear they're taking steps to live and produce ethically. Plus, you reduce fuel usage by buying closer to home.

Bryr clogs are available at boutiques across the country and online.
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