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I became obsessed with this American Apparel dress, but I couldn't muster the courage (or really, the money) to buy it at its $70.00 retail price. So I stalked ebay for a few weeks, bid on two dresses, and won one. Right after it arrived, we were invited to a Garden Party themed backyard potluck. Clearly, it was fate! What's better for an English Garden Party than a seersucker sundress?

I tried to edit the top photo to look like the washed out old photographs I recently purchased in bulk to add to etsy order shipments. It's an odd pleasure to be able to look through images of strangers from decades ago: a young woman posing in her prom dress, a happy couple, a family vacation in the mountains, a new home, a trip to the city. I think I may scan a few of them to keep for myself and document them on one of my blogs.

Ethical choices are bolded below:

  • Seersucker Dress - American Apparel via ebay

  • Earrings - Asos

  • Sandals - Old Navy

  • Hat - Target


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