the moral wardrobe: baby doll

asos smock dress gin5

This silhouette is a bit outside my comfort zone, not so much because it's bulky, but because I'm still wary of people thinking I'm younger than I am. My coworker kept telling me I looked like a vintage baby doll; there are worse things to look like, so I guess it's not so bad.

Today marks one week at the new-old job. I'm still adjusting to the new routine, but I'm already starting to feel the tension release. Less drama, better hours, and time for friends make a huge difference.

Ethical choices are bolded below:

  • Dress - secondhand Asos via ebay

  • Shirt - thrifted and altered

  • Shoes - secondhand Minnetonka via ebay

  • Necklace - handmade by Boutique Minimaliste

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  1. Love it! And it's not a bad thing to look younger than you are. One day when people stop mistaking you for being young, you'll miss it! Lol! <3 Jesika

  2. That's true. I think when you're in your early/mid 20s, it seems really important that people recognize that you're a full grown adult. I'm trying to let my fashion sense take me where it will this season instead of putting unnecessary constraints on myself, though.