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Yesterday was my birthday, so I thought it'd be fun to dress up and feature some gifts in my outfit photos. The mouse pins are from Daniel, the books are from my parents, and the little narwhal is from my friend, Mary.

This week far surpassed last year's birthday week (despite the fact that I have a cold). Last year, I had just moved and had no friends. This year, the whole week was a celebration. The thing that remained the same, however, is that I ultimately chose Chinese takeout over going out to eat; it's such a lovely indulgence to sit at home in your pajamas and eat food you didn't have to prepare.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Top - H&M

  • Skirt - Old Navy

  • Pins - vintage

  • Shoes - thrifted, Etienne Aigner

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