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I tend to shy away from anything too short or form fitting, but I loved the pattern of this bodycon dress (which I'm choosing to think of as a tunic) when I saw it at the thrift store, so I took it home with me. It makes for a great lazy day outfit when paired with leggings and the high neck at the front makes it appropriate for everyday wear.

My hair is right on the brink of not being a pixie cut, but it's still too short on the sides to be trimmed into anything else. I'm anxious to turn it into a proper bob.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Dress - thrifted

  • Leggings - Kohl's (old)

  • Loafers - thrifted

  • Earrings - ofmatter on etsy

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