6 weeks in:

Well, as anticipated, I failed. I bought one thing, which led to another, then another. Quitting cold turkey doesn't work well for me when it comes to shopping.

What I'm struggling with:

I'm used to being able to spend money when it's there, regardless of the current state of my wardrobe (or my savings account). End-of-season sales hit stores in late October and the coupon codes start rolling in as the holidays approach. I know I'm being manipulated, but I buy into it anyway. I justify my purchases by selling off things from my closet I no longer wear; theoretically, this is a good idea, but it also means I'm consuming way too much.

What I'm learning:

I shop when I'm bored or have spare time. Since I work part time from home, I can push off a lot of things in favor of online shopping. I have a legitimate internet addiction and I'm trying to find fulfilling distractions to keep me occupied elsewhere.

Suggestions for reflection:

Though I've spent substantially more time away from stores in the past few weeks, I've still purchased little things here and there. Spending time with friends in outdoor venues is an excellent opportunity to detox from consumer culture, but it can also justify happy spending (is this a thing for anyone else?). I often stack consumption on top of a fulfilling activity to make the good times last, but I need to learn to be satisfied with the activity itself.

The more I talk about this, the more I feel like I should attend a shopaholics anonymous meeting. I certainly hope I'm further down the rabbit hole than most, but it may be that I beat myself up about it more than others. I remember a time when I went shopping every week without guilt, but that was long ago.

Jeez, dealing with some weighty issues today.

Feel free to share your experience as a consumer in the comments. I could use more data on this topic. 

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