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I haven't fully processed 2013 yet; I'm not sure I really have the energy for it. But it's good to set goals at the beginning of a year and there are little things I'd like to do to develop, stretch myself, and feel more satisfied. Without further ado, here are my:

What about you? Do you bother reflecting on the year or setting resolutions for yourself?

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  1. Hey Leah! Here are my goals:

    - Read through the entire Bible in a year
    - Save $1,000
    - Start law school and get good grades my first semester
    - Visit 3 new MLB parks
    - Travel to a different country
    - Begin an exercise routine

    I realize I may have set up unrealistic expectations, but hey, I dream big :)

    Love and miss you! Can't wait to (hopefully) see you at some point in February!

  2. lol. Travel plus saving may be opposites, but I hope you can achieve all of them! Thanks for interacting with me on my blog.