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an ethical outfit: casual date


date by fracturedradiance featuring a woven bag

Hannah of Lifestyle: Justice posted her date night outfit this week, which inspired me to come up with an ethical date night outfit of my own. Daniel and I rarely go on intentional dates, but we do have Chinese Food Thursday, which consists of ordering takeout and pigging out after I get off work on Thursday evenings. I've been really into Tofu with Mixed Vegetables with an eggroll or egg drop soup (yum, eggs).

I'm really hungry, if you can't tell. I'm going to convince Daniel to order Chinese food.

Oh, and Meg Ryan came into the coffee shop this morning! I made her a double shot soy cappuccino. I was starstruck the rest of my shift. It was exhausting.

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  1. Meg Ryan?!?!?!!? That's so awesome! Everything else I was gonna say just flew out of my head.

  2. yeah. it was crazy! She and Tom Hanks are about to start filming a movie in nearby Richmond. It was surreal.

  3. What a cute outfit. I especially like the shoes, I'm a shoe fanatic. :)

    Whoa, Meg Ryan! That's pretty awesome.
    (visiting from Virginia Bloggers)

  4. Thanks for visiting; glad you like the look. Just checked out your blog and I like all the beachy things. I used to live in Florida and I miss the beach.