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The Primark Label Mystery

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Primark, essentially the Forever 21 of the UK, is one of the companies known to have had clothing manufactured in Rana Plaza before its tragic collapse last spring. They're under scrutiny again this week now that two shoppers have found cries for help on the tags of their bargain finds.

Rebecca Gallagher found a hand sewn, hand stitched label in her sundress with the words, "Forced to work exhausting hours" embroidered on it. A few days later, Rebecca Williams found the message, "Degrading sweatshop conditions," in her polka dot top. Both tags were found in the Swansea store and the women don't know each other.

Primark hasn't yet been able to investigate the garments, but I'm placing my bets that a UK-based labor rights organization is behind the whole thing. Regardless of who did it, the messages are true.

To view both tags, visit Metro's website: one, two

Update 6/27/14: The labels are thought to be the work of a Swansea artist judging by the style and content. Hope she doesn't get in too much trouble.


  1. I agree that this has to be an organized movement, but what a way to get people's attention!

  2. some articles were referring to it as guerrilla activism. I like that.

  3. Do you think the activists sat in the dressing room with a needle and thread?