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Fortune from Monday's Chinese food feast

I'm following in Catherine's (of Walking with Cake) footsteps today and posting a few memorable links.

Palestinian teen killed in suspected revenge attack by hard-line Israelis, Al Jazeera America

Promoting better products or just promoting consumption?, This Kind Choice

Brainstorming Keywords, Etsy Blog (I've been working on SEO this week)

Set Me As a Seal, Rene Clausen (we sang this in church choir this morning; it's always a lovely one to sing and listen to)

Dus of Cuddly Cacti just got back from Mexico and has stocked Mitla Moda with some great new arrivals: Shop here

Over 50 Workers Injured in Yet Another Disaster..., North Face Death Traps

Retailer Asos Resumes Taking Orders After Warehouse Fire, Wall Street Journal (did you guys hear about this?)

Anything interesting on the fair trade front? On the internet cats front?

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  1. I try to steer clear of all bad news because it depresses me too much and turns me into a stagnant pile of sad. Result: I'm pretty uninformed when it comes to current affairs. But here is an illustrator I got into recently: