the moral wardrobe: 1995

90s inspired outfit with combat boots and other ethical outfit ideas on
90s inspired outfit with combat boots and other ethical outfit ideas on
90s inspired outfit with combat boots and other ethical outfit ideas on
Ethical Details: Dress - thrifted; Scarf- thrifted; Leggings - old; Lip Stain - The Body Shop

So much 'tude. I had a most excellent thrift haul at the Goodwill a town over on Monday. This dress was a part of it, along with a super warm red jacket, red rain boots, an '80s patchwork tunic, and a couple things for Platinum and Rust

The boots are not from a sustainable brand, but they are comfy and fairly classic as far as combat boots go. Since I can't always find comfortable, cost-effective shoes that come from better regulated or secondhand markets, I look for items that are somewhat timeless while also fitting my style. It may sound like a big compromise, and I'm willing to entertain that, but it's taken A LOT of time for me to get to the point where I can embrace buying shoes that aren't super trend-oriented.

Until recently, I tended to feel less guilty when I bought from discount stores like T.J. Maxx, operating on the assumption that I was buying overstock or customer returns and that my purchase would leave less of a footprint. But it turns out that the relationship is a little trickier than that, as USA Today pointed out in 2011 (Ross seems to run things a bit closer to my assumption, but I might need an economist to talk me through supply and demand in this market). 

What items do you have difficulty finding on the fair trade/secondhand market? What's your work around?


  1. First, your title made me laugh. I love the 90s look, but I have to be careful because I graduated from high school then and I don't want to look dated. ;P

    I always struggle with finding shoes that fit and are comfortable. I wear a size 10, and have wide feet with almost no arch, especially after having two children. I have to wear comfortable shoes that fit, and they are really hard to find in the regular market, let alone the fair trade market. I can't even look at places like Sseko or Toms because they won't work for me. I am trying to find well made shoes that are classic and can be worn until they need to be fixed or replaced.

    1. I was 8 in '95, so the look is familiar but not exactly what I wore. I was still into oversized sweatshirts with stirrup leggings at the time.

      I've been pleasantly surprised with the longevity of some boots I bought at Target a few years ago, so I tried to find boots made of a similar faux leather this time around. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll last.

  2. I've found investing in timeless pieces you love is always a better use of your money since they'll pay off in the long run. Then again, there are those times your better judgement gets away from you and you think something trendy can be timeless; then you're wondering why you have that velvet leotard hanging in your closet from 2009, ha.

    But on another note, that scarf and jacket combination is killing it. You always have the best finds.