If you've been reading Style Wise for awhile, you may remember I started last year with a 12 Months, 12 Goals challenge. Well, I quickly realized it wasn't a very useful way to organize my posts because I don't respond well to a set schedule. I prefer to dabble in a bit of everything at once. Despite that, I still managed to meet several of my initial goals.
year header

The original list is below:

  • Shop secondhand
  • Learn to sew. 
  • Shop local
  • Shop handmade
  • Donate to a microloan organization. 
  • Invest in a fair trade garment
  • Write an article on the state of the garment industry
  • Explore more fair trade food options
  • Start a petition that demands manufacturing transparency. 
  • Spread the word about fair trade in my community.

Last year, I relied more and more on thrift shops for the bulk of things I wanted or needed, explored local and handmade options, purchased a pretty hefty (too hefty, perhaps) amount of fair trade clothing and accessories, wrote an article for Relevant Magazine, committed to buy only fair trade coffee (and purchased fair trade green beans every time I went to Whole Foods), and set up a booth at a fair trade coffee shop to spread the word about World Fair Trade Day. Not too shabby. 

year header 2015

This year, my goals look a little different. I want to:

  • Maintain and get better at the good consumer habits I've already developed.
  • Start to explore broader issues of sustainability.
  • Collaborate more with fair trade and other ethics minded organizations with guest posts, interviews, and reviews. 
  • Write more long form posts.
  • Feature more fair trade bloggers.

The last goal will be fairly easy to fulfill now that I've joined the Ethical Writers Coalition. It's a community of like-minded bloggers, podcast hosts, and vloggers who get together virtually to discuss news, events, and issues pertaining to ethics and consumerism. 

As far as personal goals are concerned, I want to push myself to come up with innovative ideas at my job and bolster my stock (and sales) at Platinum and Rust Vintage. We also have plans to travel abroad, so financial planning is imperative. 

What are your plans for 2015? If you have a blog, where do you see it headed this year?