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inside an ethical wardrobe: winter 2015

I took a cue from Hannah at Life Style Justice (who I just "met" on Google Hangout this weekend!) and decided to share my wardrobe with you. If you haven't checked our her closet post, do it now! It's rather impressive. I haven't managed to whittle things down to the same extent, but this exercise helped me assess what I actually wear versus what I'm holding onto for no real reason (and made me realize I impulse buy too many things at thrift shops).

I should also mention that this post differs considerably from popular Capsule Wardrobe posts (prime example here), because I'm absolutely not interested in doing a useless exercise in restraint and aesthetic minimalism every season. The items featured here are things I wear more often in cooler weather, but I also rely on all-weather and transitional pieces like cardigans and t-shirts for additional warmth. I try to get a lot of use out of most of my wardrobe no matter what season it is.

american eagle jeans
fair trade capsule wardrobe
thrifted boots

The majority of my wardrobe, particularly skirts and shoes, were purchased secondhand. Though I love supporting ethical creators, it's more in line with my budget to go the secondhand route most of the time.

Also note that not everything I own is ethically sourced. As I've mentioned before, I broke down and purchased questionably sourced denim at the beginning of the season because I ended up wasting a ton of money on an ethical denim search with poor results. I went with dark wash, simple styles because they're much more versatile and will hold up for longer. When I lived in Florida, I just avoided jeans altogether, but I can't manage the winter here without pants.

Tops and leggings aren't pictured because I consider them layering pieces this time of year. I wear a lot of simple tees from Everlane, Threads 4 Thought, and thrift shops under sweaters and cardigans. If you're interested in seeing a bit of my jewelry collection, you can view my jewelry post here.


I'll be back in a few weeks with a look into my spring wardrobe and an overview of my everyday layering pieces.


  1. love this... it definitely inspires me to start paring down my own closet when I see how few pieces people really need... thank you

    (you have great taste by the way!)

    1. Thanks! I still have a lot I haven't photographed. It's a bit crazy when you start counting and realize you're hoarding.

  2. I love this post. I am all about jeans and cardigans for fall and winter (ours in Texas is much milder than yours). I can't wait to see your spring pieces, too.

  3. I feel you on the wasted money on ethical but poor quality or poor fit items. So painful.

    1. yeah; it's like this weird guilt mixed with financial anxiety and feeling like it's not even worth it, but I guess it's just part of the process.