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Everlane Review: V-Neck, Heavyweight, & Box Cut Tees

everlane review

Everlane has replaced Old Navy as my go-to for basics in fun colors ever since I learned that GAP Inc. can't manage to follow its own corporate social responsibility standards. I've talked about Everlane over and over again here because 1. they are committed to ethical manufacturing and 2. their price point is reasonable. With rapid expansion of offices and product offerings in the past year, their business model has proven to be what the people want, and they've just hired former GAP creative director, Rebekka Bay, to steer the design team as they continue to grow. I'm a little bit anti-corporate, so I hope they don't lose sight of their original mission of radical transparency as they scale. Let Patagonia's struggles be a lesson to us all: getting huge means not knowing when you're exploiting people in your supply chain.

I've tried out lots of things from Everlane this year, but I've never posted a formal review, so I thought I'd review 5 items in one go.

The V-Neck Tee

everlane v-neck review

This is my favorite item from Everlane. The cotton is super soft, lightweight, and a bit slouchy in a way that's flattering, not gross. A lot of Everlane stuff has a boxy, oversized fit, but the v-neck is slightly fitted and not too low cut. At $15.00, it's a steal. I own the v-neck in three colors and wear them frequently. I wear my typical Small in this.

(Also, get ready to see a lot of wrinkly shirts - I'm not great at hanging up my clothes in a timely manner and I don't currently own an iron.)

Heavyweight Tee

everlane heavyweight tee review

I was so freaking excited when I got the email that Everlane was about to launch a striped tee. This one's made of thick cotton reminiscent of t-shirt material from the 70s and 80s, so it's best suited for slightly cooler temperatures. The sleeves hit just above the wrist on me, which I think is intentional. I like this shirt a lot, but I wouldn't say it's particularly flattering. Priced at $45.00. Ordered a small; fits true to size.

The Short Sleeve Chambray 

everlane chambray review

In theory, I love this top. In actuality, I have a really difficult time styling it due to its boxy, cropped shape. I don't wear jeans when it's warm out and I don't find this particularly flattering with skirts. Maybe I should try it layered with a sun dress. $48.00. I ordered this in an Extra Small initially, but the arm holes were too small, so I sized up to my regular Small.

The Ryan Long Sleeve

everlane ryan tee review

I ordered this in black and navy and wore them a lot during the winter. The black one had a sewing issue at the shoulder, so Everlane refunded me. The Ryan tees are made of rayon instead of cotton, so they're best suited to cooler weather and they need a little extra TLC. I wash them in a mesh bag and let them air dry. I ordered these in an Extra Small and the arms are a bit tight, but they stretch out just fine. $30.00.

The Box-Cut Tee

everlane box cut tee review

This is the first item I ordered from Everlane and I was disappointed. The fit is just too boxy for my taste, but I think it would look great on someone else. I don't hate it, but I don't wear it. $15.00. Size Small.


Everlane has that certain something that keeps me coming back. I haven't loved everything, but I always feel like the cooler version of myself in an Everlane item. They might be branding geniuses and I'm just drinking the kool-aid, but I'm ok with that.

Check out Faye's (of the Sustaining.Life blog) assessment of Everlane's commitment to ethics!


  1. I love Everlane's V-Neck Tee, too. I pretty much wear a uniform and have three of the navy blue tees in heavy rotation. I have to agree that the boxy fit of most things is confusing and isn't the most flattering to my figure. I wish they had more color and style options, but I do love their policies. Hopefully they won't change as they grow.

  2. The Ryan muscle tee is probably my favorite Everlane item! I wear it almost every weekend. I'm going to post an outfit this week with Everlane's box-cut tee, which I love to wear with jeans. Gotta love Everlane! I've been eyeing their sleeveless dress, but I'm not sure how it would look on me so I haven't bought it yet. I haven't seen it on anyone other than the models so that doesn't help too much..

    1. Their new dresses are lovely, but not quite my style. I just bought the backpack.

  3. I love Everlane. The u-neck tee's are my favorite. I bet that chambray would look cute tucked in to a high waisted skirt. I have totally been eying striped tops, super cute!! I love the Ryan line, but hate that it's supposed to be handwash, good call on the mesh bag. I bought two box cut tees for summer and already sold one because it's too hard for me to style. I'll probably sell my other one too.

    I have a pair of their sandals, and they are GORGEOUS!

    1. The u-necks dipped waaay down on me when I leaned over.

  4. I have the striped shirt too and I love it as well. I actually like the boxy t-shirt but I hear you when something doesn't feel like "you" when you wear it.

  5. I just bought the black v neck tee, the luxe sweater mid sleeve in emerald and the long sleeve linen tee, cannot wait til they arrive. LOVE the striped top on you, may have to get that on my next wardrobe budget.

    1. Those sound like great picks. I'm waiting for the weather to change to assess what else I could do with in my wardrobe, but the linen tee has such a nice drape.