ethical smoking flats

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The one pair of shoes I want in my life (besides my newly purchased Everlane street shoes, which I found for half price on Tradesy!) are some black smoking flats. Hannah from the Life Style Justice blog wore her Sseko flats all weekend during the Justice Conference and I saw how versatile they are - they pair well with both dresses and jeans. They're just classic. And since fashion rules have broken down, I don't have to worry about pairing them with navy, particularly if they're textured and add a bit of their own interest to my outfit.

Several companies committed to ethical manufacturing make their own version of the smoking slipper in about the same price range ($90.00-150.00). Here are the details on my favorite options:

I'm selling off a whole bunch of old clothing on ebay to save up for the perfect pair. Ethically sourced shoes are investment items, but the higher quality often makes it worth the splurge. If you have trouble finding ethical shoes in a style, comfort level, and price point that works for you, consider searching secondhand items on ebay, thredup*, or Tradesy*.