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inspiration board: colors and textures

I'm procrastinating going into work on my day off (lots of work to do in preparation for seasonal sales), so it seemed like a great time to share the pins that are inspiring me this month. Click here to visit my Pinterest account and access original image sources.

What I'm loving this month:

  • Peaches, tans, and coral pinks
  • Clogs and clunky shoes
  • Casual, simple outfits
  • Menswear inspired silhouettes
  • Bobs - I'm growing my hair out again

Making inspiration boards is a useful exercise for me because it helps me narrow down what I'm attracted to. I can then shop my closet and put looks together from what I already own instead of feeling like I have to purchase new things. With Black Friday in the near future, this sort of exercise is especially important. There's so much temptation out there!


  1. Good idea! For Black Friday I've told myself I can't purchase anything that I haven't already been wanting for months. So there are several items I'm hoping to get, but I refuse to get anything impulsively.

    1. That's a good idea. I bought gifts and a few things I'd been coming back to for months, so I'm pretty pleased. How did your shopping go? Did you find anything you needed?