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Gift Guide: your vegan sister

vegan and eco gift guide
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My sister prefers not to use or wear anything derived from animals as an extension of her vegetarianism. She's been a vegetarian for close to a decade now and it's admirable to see someone live out their values with both determination and grace. I can learn a lot from her.

Obviously, she was my inspiration for this gift guide for vegans. It's no surprise that a lot of the items I chose are also more eco-conscious and sustainable than standard goods. There's a proven correlation between reduced meat consumption and the health of the environment.

1. Ash & Rose Kariba Tunic, $62.00
My sister picked this out for herself and it's waiting to be shipped off to her for Christmas. It's a soft Hemp/Spandex blend with a flattering drape. Made in USA. I love Ash & Rose's selection of fair trade, sustainable, and eco-conscious goods.

2. Malia Designs Recycled Long Wallet, $30.00
Made from a recycled feed bag, this wallet has plenty of room for all the essentials and a one-of-a-kind print. Malia Designs' mission is to fight human trafficking in Cambodia by offering alternative, fairly paid work and donating a portion of proceeds to Cambodian anti-trafficking organizations.

3. Sseko Designs "Creativity" Charm Bracelet*, $29.99
Handcrafted from raw brass, this is the newest piece in Sseko Designs' accessories line. I chose the "creativity" charm set, because my sister is an excellent photographer and artist (Check out her miniature photography here). I'm a longtime supporter of Sseko Designs - their social enterprise model really works - and appreciate that there are more leather-free options to choose from these days. 

4. WeWood Laetus Azur Watch*, $125.00
Made from sustainably harvested maple without toxic finishes, this watch is a pricey option, but it could be the perfect thing if you were "late" sending presents the last few years and need to make up for lost gift-giving opportunities.

5. MadeFAIR Small Vegan Leather Purse*, $41.99
I love the marbling on this bag; the sustainably harvested cork adds a nice '70s inspired touch to basic outfits. MadeFAIR has a modern, laid back selection of clothing, accessories, and shoes worth perusing.

6. Hurraw! Black Cherry Lip Balm* via LoveGoodly, $3.79
All natural and made in the USA, this tinted lip balm is flavored with actual cherries. It's the perfect little accompaniment to a larger gift.

What are you buying this season? Who are you having trouble finding gifts for?