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Spotlight: Candorra Artisans

Today Amanda from fair trade company, Candorra Artisans, will be sharing the brand story. Thanks to Candorra Artisans for sponsoring this post. 

Candorra fair trade artisans

At Candorra Artisans, we love people.

We also understand how our daily decisions can have a life changing impact on others around the world. Our passion is to unite women from all walks of life that understand the true beauty behind the conscious decision to support fair employment and equal opportunity. Every unique item Candorra carries is handmade by artisans that now dream of a brighter future and a new found hope.

Candorra fair trade artisans

Our goal is to create limited and unique handmade artisan goods by using elements of nature, bright colors, and lush textures that are high quality and versatile. Our handmade artisan gifts, jewelry, accessories, and baby clothes are inspired by traveling the world and creating treasures that cultivate the interest, emotions, and memories of the people we meet along the way.

We as a company strive to know our artisans personally and understand them as individuals.

The vast majority of the artisans we support are at-risk mothers. One of the aspects that makes Candorra special, is that we help bind together a community of small social impact businesses in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Africa. Starting a business is difficult for anyone to do, but almost impossible with little to no education. We support these businesses directly by providing encouragement, mentorship, quality control, and on-trend designs. Most importantly, we give these artisans opportunities to sell through the US market, something that they could not gain access too on their own.

fair trade bangles

We find our artisan groups through a network of families whose passion is to bring hope and opportunity to those impacted by poverty through business. These families travel overseas to start small businesses, employing the locals, and teaching them business skills. We pay up front for every product purchased, and take care to make sure our artisans are paid at or above a living wage for their location. This model provides greater long term success for the artisans, and grows a sustainable business model for all involved.

Candorra fair trade artisans

There are situations where intervention is needed for social injustice or poverty, such as after a natural disaster or war, but long term care is about providing opportunity. At-risk men and women need the confidence and purpose that comes from starting their own co-op or business where they can build a future free of charity. At Candorra, our passion is using business as a tool for transformation and freedom. We love joining hands with people who support socially responsible companies and ethical fashion. 

We all have a part to play in this movement towards social justice.

Fortunately, by simply choosing to purchase artisan made products through Candorra Artisans, you greatly contribute to transforming, loving, and respecting women around the world!


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Learn more about Candorra Artisans and shop their collection on their website. Follow along on facebook, pinterest, and instagram

I'll be reviewing a couple of Candorra bangles later this week!


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