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7 Ethical Fashion Brands that are Better Than Old Navy

4 Ethical, Fair Trade Brands that Are Better than Old Navy

Old Navy. 

What is it about the family friendly, fast fashion brand that makes people go crazy? I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this to you as an ethical fashion advocate, but I was OBSESSED with Old Navy until about 2 years ago. It all started when I was in middle school and my best friend started wearing their clothes. I was still too small to fit into women's clothes - and I was way too cool to wear the kids' line - so I pined away for their stuff until I grew a little larger later in high school.

I came of age in the GAP age, but my family couldn't afford GAP. Old Navy was an affordable alternative, and I was grateful. Even when I switched to ethical clothing, I was under the impression that Old Navy and GAP products were made with high labor standards due to their Corporate Social Responsibility statement, which I later learned was merely aspirational.

In fact, GAP Inc. (the parent company for GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta) has committed some of the worst and most public labor violations, including being linked to Rana Plaza, which collapsed, killing 1,129 people in 2013. They've also gotten in trouble for child labor. They're about as bad as they come.

So, reluctantly, I decided to make a clean break with Old Navy a couple years ago. It's been a great decision for a number of ethical reasons, of course, but it also helped me break free from a single style and experiment a bit more.

There were also a few ethical brands that aided me in my transition. They're necessarily more expensive than conventional retailers because they use eco-friendly materials and pay fair wages, but I think you'll find that they hold up longer than anything you can buy at Old Navy.

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7 ethical brands that are better than old navy

7 Ethical Brands That Are Better Than Old Navy

1. PACT Apparel

Organic cotton, fair trade basics. Shop undies, socks, tights, and flattering clothing made with quality materials. I recommend their cotton tights, a comfortable and thick alternative to standard tights.

2. Siizu

Contemporary, minimalist fashion in sustainable, luxurious fabrics like silk and merino wool. I particularly like the waffle knit sweaters. 

3. Everlane

Everyday clothing with a decisive point of view made with radical transparency and better-than-average wages. I own several of their tees and can attest that they will hold up for years and years.

4. EcoVibe Apparel

Trend-driven clothing made with eco-friendly and vegan materials, and/or produced in the USA.


5. Krochet Kids

Fashion forward cotton tees, jumpsuits, dresses, and knitwear.


6. Thought

A diverse line of classic and printed clothing, socks, and loungewear for women and men, made ethically with eco-friendly practices.


7. Miakoda

Drapey, modern silhouettes made with eco-friendly fabrics.


Next time you're in the mood for an Old Navy haul, consider checking out the above companies instead. I promise it will get easier with practice. I've been Old Navy-sober for two years now!

What fast fashion brands would you like to find ethical alternatives for? Let me know in the comments and I'll add them to the list. 

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