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Nordstrom's Surprisingly Good Sustainable Selection + My Picks

sustainable and ethical brands at nordstrom and sale information
A screenshot from Nordstrom's home page in May 2018
This post contains affiliate links

If you follow a lot of fashion blogs, you may be wondering why so many of them seem to freak out about Nordstrom sales every six months. Well, I've got the answer: RewardStyle.

One of the largest affiliate networks for bloggers who cover fashion, RewardStyle is how a lot of bloggers make their commissions. And some, whose main monetization strategy is affiliate sales, fully support themselves on this commission. I was accepted to RewardStyle in February and have been dropping links here and there (with FTC disclosures) and it's proven to be a fairly successful strategy.

Nordstrom and lots of other conventional retailers are on the RewardStyle platform, and their seasonal sales apparently have a high conversion rate, so bloggers will often put together elaborate wishlists to pique their readers' interest. It's a thing, and if you're into wishlists and shopping guides, it can be useful content.

As far as conventional retailers are concerned, Nordstrom has a surprisingly large selection of ethical and sustainable brands.

So, in the name of being a fashion blogger and in the name of the apparently coveted half-yearly sale, I thought I'd create an alternative shopping guide containing ethical, eco-friendly, social enterprise, made in USA, and sustainable goods currently offered at Nordstrom...

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Because inevitably those links will go dead, here's a cheat sheet of ethical and sustainable brands offered at Nordstrom:

Eileen Fisher

Clothing made with sustainable and biodegradable fabrics in regulated factories.

Amour Vert

Clothing made with plant-based fibers in regulated factories. Trees planted with purchase.

Mara Hoffman

Clothing made sustainably.


Shoes made with sustainable fabrics in ethical factories.


Athletic and casual wear made with sustainable practices and durability in mind.


Shoes made in regulated factories with a social good mission (TOMS was originally on my "do not buy" list, but they've responded well to customer complaints and upped their ethics in recent years).


On the list because they are deeply committed to low water usage and overall sustainability even though parts of their line do not meet my ethics requirements.

Alternative Apparel

Sustainably and ethically produced clothing.

Burt's Bees

Organic baby clothing and other sustainable goods.

Michael Stars

Made in the USA and/or with fair labor.


Repurpose vintage denim and USA made new denim.

Threads For Thought

Ethically produced clothing with a social enterprise component.

Herbivore Botanicals

All natural, small batch skincare.


Made in USA clothing.

The Honest Company

Sustainable and eco-friendly baby goods.

Matt & Nat

Vegan and ethically produced accessories.

Stella McCartney

High end clothing made ethically and with sustainability in mind.


Shoes made with cork and other natural fibers (check individual products for more details).

Mighty Good Undies

Fairly made underwear.


Sneakers for kids and adults made with eco-friendly materials.

Rachel Comey

High end clothing produced sustainably, ethically, and sometimes in the USA.

Also, a tip from a reader: Nordstrom's Clearance site, Nordstrom Rack, carries many of the same brands at a lower price point. Shop Nordstrom Rack here.

sustainable and ethical brands at nordstrom and sale information

If you spot any others, let me know and I'll add them. Nordstrom doesn't have the most robust search tools when it comes to ethical keywords.

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