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The Moral Wardrobe: Blinded by the Bright

tamga designs dress ethical yellow dress stylewise-blog.comtamga designs dress ethical yellow dress tamga designs dress ethical yellow dress tamga designs dress ethical yellow dress
Ethical Details: Dress - Tamga Designs; Tank Top - ancient; Shoes - Nisolo Huarache

Open back dresses are flattering, but who besides travel bloggers and beach bums has a context to where them? I repeated this question to myself for about a year before deciding to throw practicality to the wind and buy the dress anyway. 

I had a bright yellow dress in college that I wore constantly even after my friend's roommate told me it was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen. Yellow, especially yards of it, is such a cheerful and satisfying thing to wear that it didn't really bother me that some random guy thought it was gross. I eventually grew out of that dress and donated it to a thrift shop, but I never forgot how I felt wearing it. 

This Tamga Designs dress was just what I wanted except that darn open back. But I decided it would work perfectly well with a tank top or t-shirt on normal days. And maybe someday when I go on a tropical vacation, I'll get a chance to wear it as intended. 

In case you hadn't noticed, I never alter the way I wear clothes to portray them more elegantly on the blog. So the bra straps are showing and that's ok.

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