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101 Things to Buy Secondhand

101 things to buy secondhand thredup
National Thrift Shop Day is August 17th and online secondhand retailer, ThredUp, has declared August Secondhand Month. I decided to join up by featuring secondhand outfits and inspiration. Contains affiliate links

Even though I spend up to 40 hours a week working at a thrift shop, it's easy to forget just how many things are available on the secondhand market.

A combination of convenience and incessant marketing discourages most of us from seeking out as many things as possible secondhand, but honestly, the convenience part of the argument has become, in the age of the internet, a poor excuse. With relative ease, you can shop millions of secondhand products from your living room. And if that's not your preferred method, most towns are located near a local charity shop, Goodwill, or used furniture store that round out your options.

Finding something like a used blender may not be as easy as stopping by your local Bed, Bath, & Beyond, but the cost savings and environmental good you're doing more than make up for it (she says after having just purchased a new blender).

Why is secondhand ethical?

The secondhand market is just as it sounds: a secondary market. As such, purchases made from individuals and shops selling secondhand goods do not directly contribute to demand for new goods, which means no person or ecosystem will be further harmed as a result of your purchase (that burden lies on the first consumer of that good, though it also lies on the system that allows exploitation to happen in the first place). Secondhand, in this sense, is an ethics-neutral marketplace.

However, shopping secondhand is also a stop-gap between the initial consumer and the landfill. If you can get even a few more uses out of an item before it's discarded, you're significantly reducing its environmental impact. Not to mention you'll save a lot of money over time.

The List 

Below, I've brainstormed 101 things to buy secondhand and provided links where applicable to help you narrow down your search. And in case you're wondering, yes, I have either personally thrifted or helped others shop for every single thing on this list.

As a general rule, household and clothing items are readily available on Ebay; clothing and accessories are easily accessible through Poshmark, Thredup, and; and electronics are available from Newegg or B&H Photo. Fun vintage items are easy to find on Etsy. But never forget your local secondhand shops!
101 things to buy secondhand thredup
Without further ado...

101 Things to Buy Secondhand


Online Options: Ebay (search "pre-owned")
Local Options: Habitat ReStore, Goodwill, Local Resale, Craigslist

1. French Press or Electric Coffee Maker

2. Pots & Pans

3. Silverware

4. Plates

5. Food Storage containers

6. Sheets

7. Curtains

8. Quilts & Comforters

9. Towels

10. Furniture

11. Bathroom caddies

12. Mirrors & Artwork

13. Picture Frames

14. Tiles & Flooring

15. Cabinetry


Online Options: Newegg, B&H Photo, Ebay (search "used" and "refurbished")
Local Options: Goodwill, Local Resale, Craigslist

16. Computer

17. Camera & Lenses

18. Cell phone

19. TV

20. External Harddrive


Online Options: Ebay, Etsy, Poshmark,, Thredup
Local Options: Goodwill, Local Resale

21. Tops

22. Pants & Skirts

23. Sundresses

24. Evening & Cocktail Dresses

25. Wedding Dress

26. Socks

27. Bras

28. Pajamas & Loungewear

29. Swimsuits

30. Activewear

31. Scrubs

32. Jackets & Coats

33. Baby & Kids' Clothes

101 things to buy secondhand thredup


Online Options: EbayEtsyPoshmarkSwap.comThredup
Local Options: Goodwill, Local Resale

34. Purses

35. Shoes

36. Backpacks & Suitcases

37. Scarves

38. Belts

39. Jewelry

40. Hair Accessories

41. Shopping Totes


Online Options: Ebay (search "pre-owned")
Local Options: Local Resale, Goodwill, Habitat ReStore, Craigslist

42. Outdoor Furniture

43. Bird Feeders

44. Sporting Equipment

45. Flower Pots

46. Plant Stands

Baby Equipment*

Online Options: Ebay,
Local Options: Craigslist, Local Resale

47. Pack 'n' Plays

48. Strollers

49. Cribs

50. Booster Seats

51. High Chairs

52. Activity Centers

53. Mobiles

*Check safety standards and regulations. It is generally best to avoid buying used safety equipment like car seats. 


Online Options: Ebay, Etsy (vintage toys)
Local Options: Goodwill, Local Resale, Craigslist

54. Bikes

56. Stuffed Animals

57. Legos

58. Toddler & Baby Toys

59. Baby Dolls

60. Barbies

61. Melissa & Doug Toys

62. Puzzles

63. Board Games

64. Scooters

65. Video Games & Equipment

66. Card Games


Online Options: Ebay
Local Options: Local Resale, Goodwill, Craigslist

67. Crafting Kits

68. Looms

69. Yarn

70. Knitting Needles

71. Fabric

72. Ribbon

73. Buttons

74. Thread

75. Sewing Machines

76. DIY Books

77. Sewing Patterns

78. Canning Jars

79. Craft Storage Cases

80. Paint

82. Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils, etc.

83. Canvases & Stretcher Bars

101 things to buy secondhand thredup


Online Options: Ebay (search "pre-owned"), Better World Books
Local Options: Local Resale, Goodwill, Vintage Shops, Craigslist

84. DVDs

85. Records

86. CDs

87. Books

88. Audio Books

89. Magazines (these are often free at thrift shops or libraries)

90. Record & CD Players


Online Options: Ebay (search "pre-owned")
Local Options: Habitat ReStore, Goodwill, Local Resale, Craigslist

91. Blender

92. Toaster

93. Washer & Dryer

94. Dish Washer

95. Food Processor

96. Knife Sharpener


Online Options: Ebay (search "pre-owned")
Local Options: Habitat ReStore, Goodwill, Local Resale, Craigslist

98. Carpentry Machinery

99. Screwdrivers & Drills

100. Hardware


Online Options: Ebay
Local Options: Goodwill, Local Resale

101. Sealed Toiletries

Once you sit down and think about it, you realize that items available on the secondhand market are virtually infinite. A little forethought goes a long way.

101 things to buy secondhand thredup

What's the weirdest or most surprising thing you've purchased secondhand?

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