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Keep {Your Personal Style} Weird

soul flower organic ethical personal style stylewise-blog.comsoul flower organic ethical personal style stylewise-blog.comsoul flower organic ethical personal style stylewise-blog.comsoul flower organic ethical personal style Ethical Details: Tunic - c/o Soul Flower (on sale); Denim - Everlane; Earrings - 31Bits; Socks - PACT; Shoes - thrifted

At the beginning of this year, I set a somewhat unusual goal: Wear one weird thing everyday.

I did this because I had been feeling that I was too swayed by the sparse, neutral minimalism of the ethical fashion movement and that, as a result, the spark had gone out of my personal style. It no longer felt fun to wear my clothes because it didn't add anything to my sense of identity.

I can come off as a very intense person. I mean, I am a sort of intense person (sorry to everyone who has had an encounter with me when I'm deep in thought - I probably involved you in an existential conversation without your consent). But I'm also a person who is easily amused, who delights in the strangeness of everyday life. I want to be able to project joyful eccentricity in my clothing so that it becomes a part of the first impressions I make, and reminds me to look for the funny and redemptive things in every circumstance.

I want to project my weirdness in exactly the right amount because I want to be seen for who I am. 

I'm happy to say that my goal has been incredibly effective. I gave myself permission to add one little eccentric touch to my otherwise basic outfits, and that allowed me to ease my way back into fun without feeling the need to totally overhaul my wardrobe. There was/is nothing wrong with my plain, basic, boxy pieces; I'm just not the type of person who wants to take "a look" all the way to its logical end. Instead, I want to mix in vintage, thrifted finds, bright pieces, and weird earrings, stirring it up until it resembles how I think of myself and who I want to be.

Personal style is deeply personal and it has very little to do with brand awareness or even "ethical" criteria. It's something you can play with, alter, and explore with very little money and just a little bit of time. But it can affect the way we go about our business in the world in subtle and profound ways.

We're all a little weird. Maybe it's time to stop hiding it.

P.S. Merry merry Christmas!!

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