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The Moral Wardrobe: This is Me

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Ethical Details: Pima Open V-Neck - Everlane; Curduroys - Everlane (similar); Boots - Po-Zu; Earrings - c/o Sela Designs

I don't know why, but I feel so, so good in this outfit. The ballet neck, high waist, bright accents, and comfortable boots are all things that make me feel like my best, most attractive self.

I like that clothes can do that.

I've been paying attention to the way women craft their identities aesthetically: their hair styles, accessories, and makeup choices as well as their clothing. You can tell when someone really owns their look, and that undercurrent of confidence is infectious.

It really doesn't have to do with purchasing things that are in or that fit a certain model of belonging. It's much more about throwing caution to the wind - whatever that means to the specific individual - and saying, "This is me."

I love that. I want to do that more.

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