Thoughtful Style | MATTER's Summer Releases are Very Good + Sale Alert

This post was sponsored by MATTER and I was provided two items to review.

This post was sponsored by MATTER and I was provided two items to review.

MATTER has long stood out among other ethically-sourced artisan brands for their extraordinary care - part of their mission is ensuring that traditional artisan processes and patterns stay alive in a global economy that often favors appropriated, fast fashion versions of artisan work. They do this by forming long term partnerships with artisan co-ops and using a carefully researched, collaborative process to inform their motifs and silhouettes.

Often when I do sponsored posts, I am very sensitive to the ways I incorporate brand information, because I want to make sure you all realize that I don’t just work with anybody, and that items truly fit in my wardrobe. But I feel like MATTER doesn’t need that type of introduction because they are my most profiled brand - and one of the first I reached out to when I started StyleWise.

Their summer releases - a blazer and skirt - are my favorite items to date, both for their versatility and for their excellent fit.

Ethical Details: Blazer - c/o  MATTER ; Tee -  Everlane ; Skort - thrifted

Ethical Details: Blazer - c/o MATTER; Tee - Everlane; Skort - thrifted

MATTER Classic Blazer

The classic blazer in the pattern, Indus Arrow Noir, has a long, slightly oversized fit with just the right blend of tailoring and ease. Made with a medium weight woven cotton that doesn’t have the usual rigidity of blazer fabric, this is pretty much my ideal fit when I need to look more put together (I went with a Size 1 and the fit is perfect). I styled this in an intentionally summer-ready, casual way and wore it out to a group dinner at a local seafood restaurant.

This blazer was made to go with two of MATTER’s pant designs, so you can go full suit if you want to.

Ethical Details - Tank Top - thrifted; Skirt - c/o  MATTER ; Sandals -  Melissa ; Nose Stud - c/o  Metal Lotus

Ethical Details - Tank Top - thrifted; Skirt - c/o MATTER; Sandals - Melissa; Nose Stud - c/o Metal Lotus

MATTER Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts are often a good choice for me because they are more accommodating to hips than a standard pencil skirt. Without that proportional flexibility, I would have to stick with fit-and-flare styles. I love this Iching Charcoal print and the medium weight cotton fabric, which is light enough for summer heat but still lays nicely against the body. I went with a Size 1 in the skirt, as well, and need to wear this on the loosest button adjustment (there are 3), so I’d say this runs a bit smaller than the blazer. I could have sized up, but the nice thing is that the tie adjustment lends itself to flexibility beyond the button closures.


MATTER sent an email last week that impressed me with its transparency:

…with raw materials like cotton being traded in the international commodity market, the price of materials is constantly changing - specifically with cotton. The cost of our fabrics has continued to increase over the last few years, a factor that unfortunately none of our artisan partners have any control over. Factors like the year’s harvest and global demand affects how the price of cotton fluctuates, and for the last few years, cotton yarn has increased by around 15% and organic cotton by 25% and more. Above this, there are also increases across the board on materials such as pigments and dyes, as well as the wages of our artisans, the last of which we are glad for…So from August onwards, we will be adjusting some of the pricing across our products to reflect the market’s rates.

They chose to share this information ahead of time for two reasons: so that customers can buy things they’ve been saving up for before the price increase takes effect and because MATTER’s seasonal sale is running now through August 5th.

When you’re producing goods with the level of intention that MATTER cultivates, things are inevitably more expensive. MATTER is aware of the ways that price can be a barrier to embracing ethical fashion, and that additional level of care - for customers - means a lot to me.

MATTER Seasonal Sale Details

  • Use the code 25OFF to get 25% off all orders* over $200 (from July 9th 12pm to August 5th 11:59pm SGT)

  • Use the code 35OFF to get 35% off all orders* over $300 (from July 9th 12pm to August 5th 11:59pm SGT)

*Everything with the exception of our latest items: The Classic Blazer, The Wrap Skirt, The Sideswept Dhoti + Kirana and The Lounge Lunghi + Koya