DoneGood: Get Ethical Bargains & Boycott Trump With One Extension

DoneGood ethical fashion and shopping browser extension and app
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DoneGood is a browser extension and app developed with the express purpose of helping consumers avoid fast fashion and discover ethical brands without the burden of endless research.

I'd bet a day's wages that the number one reason people don't shop more ethically is because of the time it takes to sift through endless websites, articles, blogs, and marketing claims to find what they're looking for (a close second is price point). Though I'm an ethical shopping nerd, even I get exasperated over the difficulty of accessing and assessing ethical companies. Bloggers and advocates are working to change this in big and small ways every day, but without some creative thinking and intentional teamwork, we're not going to be able to make things much easier.

DoneGood has done a lot of creative thinking in addition to technical development to make something that can move the industry forward - at least as it pertains to consumer interest - much more rapidly than before.

I downloaded the browser extension right when it premiered in late November, so I've been using it for more than 8 months. Not only does it allow me to pinpoint ethical alternatives when I'm doing a Google search for a particular brand or item, it offers up discount codes for a number of fair trade and social good brands right from your search page. And since February, it even alerts me when a website I'm on sells Trump products, allowing me to boycott them - or at least feel that necessary pang of guilt that I'm just as much of a sucker for retail giants like Amazon as any other consumer.

DoneGood boycott Trump

I prefer DoneGood over any other ethical application for one reason: it's incredibly user friendly (I don't even have the other apps). I don't have to consciously open it up to find ethical companies. I don't have to sift through needless copy. I don't even have to be thinking that much about being an ethical consumer for it to show up on my browser and reorient me to what matters.

As someone who has been working with ethical companies for nearly 5 years, I'm familiar with almost all of the brands DoneGood recommends (Groceries Apparel, YSTR, Amour Vert, ZADY, and Victoria Road to name a few), but for a new or less informed conscious consumer, I think this could be the first small step to getting on board with long term lifestyle change.

In addition to offering ethical alternatives, DoneGood partners with ethical brands to offer discount codes accessible immediately through the extension popup window. Most brands offer discounts of $20 or 20% off, which can make a big difference.

DoneGood ethical fashion and shopping browser extension and app

If you're searching for ethical items on your smart phone, DoneGood offeres an app that helps you narrow down your ethical criteria and find companies that sell what you need. It's a user friendly option when you don't have access to the browser extension.

DoneGood recently launched their first DoneGood Together offer, which provides an ethical item at a significant discount if a total sales threshold is reached. This allows companies to make some fast cash to support their artisans and helps consumers try out ethical products at a really accessible price point. The first offer is for 40% off a pair of Root Collective Flats. DoneGood has already met their minimum of 16 orders, so the item is guaranteed at the sale price until the offer disappears at noon EST today.

I feel like I'm rambling at this point, but honestly, DoneGood is good.

Download it here.

5 Innovations That Make Ethical Shopping Easier

Over the past year, the ethical community has (thankfully) started to organize itself in a way that makes it abundantly easier to shop for stylish, affordable goods that are sourced responsibly. When I started writing about conscious consumerism in late 2012, I remember looking far and wide for ethical things that fit my sense of style and being largely disappointed. I fumbled around for awhile trying to regroup, often settling for good enough instead of items that expressed who I wanted to be sartorially.

No more! Not only are there hundreds of ethical brands, you can actually find them! While Instagram is a great place to start, it can be time consuming and people don't always use hashtags appropriately. Luckily, there are a few, more sophisticated options that lower the threshold to entering the ethical fashion movement.

They come in many forms, but they all accomplish one thing: make shopping easier so we can all work together to make life better.


1. Project JUST


With no information, consumers continue to buy fast fashion; incentives stay misaligned; more fast fashion is made; abuses continue. Informed and empowered consumers have the power to transform the fashion industry to an ethical and sustainable one with each purchase.

Project JUST began with one goal in mind: to give consumers access to the information they need to make a better choice. From defining jargon to giving thorough sourcing information for around a hundred prominent brands, Project JUST is a great place to learn about the conscious consumer movement and figure out more about the common brands you love.


2. Good On You


We want to create a world where consumers’ choices drive businesses to be sustainable and fair. We know there are millions of consumers around the world who share our goal.

Australia-based Good On You is an app and website dedicated to parsing out the ethical details of as many brands as possible. They employ hundreds of volunteer researchers and try to add a few new brands every week, in addition to writing 2-3 informative blog posts. I particularly like their roundups on types of clothing, like denim and activewear.

Good On You is expanding to North America as soon as they get the funding! Click here to support their campaign.


3. Done Good


These are the underdogs, going up against the big guys, determined to prove you can build a successful business that makes the world better at the same time. We want them to succeed. The world needs them to succeed! 
That’s why we do what we do. To help people looking for the unique, the simple, the natural, the good. To support companies with purpose.

Just launched, Done Good is a Browser Extension that alerts you whenever you're on a page that contains an ethical product. They'll also give you exclusive discount codes for ethical companies when they're available.


4. The Rescued Collection


The average American tosses 82 pounds of textile waste each year, which adds up to 11 million tons of trash in landfills! Our Rescued Collection saves pre-loved ethical items from this fate with a carefully curated selection of vegan fashions. 

Ethical fashion retailer, Bead & Reel, just launched their ethical consignment store and I'm pumped! I've found that once I have the opportunity to wear or use an ethical item, I can justify the expense. But it's hard to pull the trigger on high priced, ethically sourced goods online when you can't thoroughly inspect the item for quality and longevity. By offering gently used goods at a lower price point, you can buy it and see if it works for you, and then maybe invest in the brand at full price further down the road.

Learn how to sell here. Note: vegan, organic items only.

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SLOWRE (pronounced "slower") = fashion, slower // pre-loved, modern, responsible style; the antidote to fast fashion.
SLOWRE sells and consigns women's clothing, shoes & accessories by independent designers & brands that primarily produce in the US, provide supply chain transparency, use vegan materials, source eco-friendly fabrics, and/or engage in other responsible business practices.

Founded by blogger, Grechen of Grechen's Closet, SLOWRE offers gently used goods from ethical, domestically produced, and small designer labels. The concept is similar to The Rescued Collection, but goods do not have to be vegan and the aesthetic leans more toward edgy minimal. I bought an Everlane dress from SLOWRE and it arrived like-new.

Learn how to sell here.

Each time I shop, I use a combination of the above resources to find the best option. I prefer to buy secondhand when possible, so it's a bonus if I can buy an ethically sourced item from an ethical retailer. Smart, easy-to-use resources are the key to gaining more traction in this industry, so I'm glad I can rely on the research, expertise, and curation of others to keep the momentum going.


Did I miss a resource? Let me know in the comments.

Photo Credit: Bead & Reel, graphic added by me