bodycon dress

the moral wardrobe: a little red dress

red dress
red dress
Details: Dress - c/o Synergy via FloydFest; Shoes - thrifted; Earrings - thrifted; Blazer - thrifted

People often don't realize that I have insecurities about my figure because they assume that my relatively small frame guards me from body-shaming. But it definitely feels like a risk to wear things that are clingy around the hips. I wore this Synergy dress in the FloydFest sustainable fashion show over the summer and they kindly gave it to me afterwards. What I enjoyed most about my modeling adventures this year is how they forced me out of my comfort zone. I got to pretend I was someone else for those quick strides down the catwalk, and that was enough to help me realize I was less boxed in than I thought. 

Here's to embracing our bodies and stepping out of our comfort zones!