the moral wardrobe: second tries

jean jacket thrifted outfitalpaca sweater modern ethical jewelry from madefairethical outfit
Ethical Details: Sweater - NOVICA; Jacket - thredup*; Boots - secondhand via ebay; Necklace - MadeFAIR*

Sometimes I photograph an outfit only to realize upon reviewing the photos that I hate it. I switched out my sweater and jacket and ended up with something that felt much more me. I have a tendency as a shopper to buy multiples of the same thing until I find the perfect version of it and occasionally I wonder what that says about me. Am I striving for perfection? Is that healthy? Do I need the thing at all if I can't seem to make it work?

In the case of this "jean" jacket, I'm happy I took a second chance. I love the look of denim jackets, but I can't stand to feel constricted in the shoulders, so this knit one from thredup was a much better fit.

I guess my point is that anything is better than nothing, but if there's a better way, a better opportunity, than why not strive for that? (In case you wondered, I'm not really talking about clothing anymore.)

On another note, this sweater is an Alpaca/Wool blend and it's awesome!

inspiration board: November

inspiration board november
This month is the first month of consistent cold in Charlottesville, but there's still enough variation that it's worthwhile to consider wearing light layers rather than heavy, constricting garments. I've been really into black recently, but I always try to brighten it up with color or something light, like gray stripes or a denim jacket.

As it so happens, I am now the proud owner of a secondhand "jean" jacket that's actually made of a thick, stretchy cotton blend. It's a lot more comfortable than standard denim and I plan to wear it as the last layering piece over a top and sweater to keep the wind out. I also used up the rest of my birthday ebay gift card on a secondhand pair of knee high boots. The ones I bought are brown, but they have a similar silhouette to the ones above. I'll wear them soon for an outfit post.

One of these things is not like the other: sooo, I can't really wear sandals in this weather, but I scooped up some lovely Made in Italy sandals at the J. Crew Warehouse (read my thoughts on the ethics of the sale here) sale a few weeks ago and I'm daydreaming about wearing them. I guess I'll be spending the next 5 or 6 months gazing at them longingly as I put on my boots each morning.

I'm still after the perfect pair of frames, but I'll have to wait a few more months since I don't have eye insurance.

This styleboard contains affiliate links. Everything listed is domestically or ethically produced. The bag is vegan leather.

the moral wardrobe: winter weight

vintage outfit for winter and other ethical outfits on
vintage outfit for winter and other ethical outfits on
vintage outfit for winter and other ethical outfits on
Outfit Details: Top - vintage; Skirt - thrifted; Socks - J. Crew; Boots - old Target

As a former Floridian, I wasn't really convinced that I'd need actual winter garments to withstand the colder months. But after just barely getting through two Charlottesville winters (which I hear are pretty mild by nearly everyone's standards), I'm a believer in seasonal attire! I've stocked up on sweaters and thick socks and recently added this wool blend skirt to the mix. It's nice to feel warm with minimal effort!

This is one of those outfits that really feels like me. Everything's comfortable and fits well. It's a bit of a vintage silhouette with modern print mixing and fairly edgy boots. Eclectic and well made.

the moral wardrobe: equilibrium

vintage dress outfit d4personal style outfit
Outfit Details: Top - J. Crew / Dress - vintage / Boots - thrifted / Earrings - Ten Thousand Villages

I'm having a hard time feeling balanced after a month and a half of nonstop weirdness. Between incessant car troubles and maintenance requirements, various paperwork issues, and a new job, I feel discombobulated. New routines always make me anxious because I keep thinking I'm forgetting to do something or go somewhere. Maybe I am.

But things are actually good and I know that somewhere deep down. I just have to give it time.

ethereal sunset leaves stinkbug on plantHello, little stink bug.

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the moral wardrobe: invisibility (hair) cloak

tr3 tr7tr5Look! My hair is practically invisible! The first half of this week was one long downpour and I enjoyed the opportunity to spend afternoons indoors reading and getting work done. I also enjoyed wearing my very favorite American Apparel cape every day. I had this on my wishlist for almost 2 years before Daniel decided he should get it for me. It's the perfect layering piece.

Though I enjoy the spring weather immensely, I've spent a bit too long soaking it in to the detriment of Platinum and Rust in particular. I'm working to get back on track with photographing and listing. I also need to hunt down some swimsuits to add to the shop.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Cape - American Apparel

  • Top - secondhand via thredup

  • Jeans - American Eagle

  • Boots - Target circa 2012

  • Earrings - fair trade Quill Earrings c/o Mata Traders

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