The Moral Wardrobe: Pretty in Pink

spring ethical wardrobe thrifted symbology and causebox Contains affiliate links

Sometimes it's good to be forced outside of your sartorial comfort zone. 

Case in point: I am decidedly not a pink person, but I received this kimono in the Spring Causebox I accidentally ordered and in the name of good stewardship decided I should probably try to get some use out of it. I actually really like it paired with bright lips and a high contrast, tomboy-ish crew neck. It makes the pink seem less fussy, and that's just the way I want it.
     spring ethical wardrobe thrifted symbology and causeboxspring ethical wardrobe thrifted symbology and causebox spring ethical wardrobe thrifted symbology and causebox
Ethical Details: Jacket - Symbology, a Causebox exclusive design; Tee - Everlane; Jeans - thrifted; Clogs - thrifted (try ebay for similar styles); Tote bag - c/o LEYO New York

Last time I wore these cropped, thrifted jeans in public, a friend commented that they seem like something a 30-something would wear (and since I'll be 30 in September, this is relevant). I didn't really know how to take it, but I think she meant that there's something kind of un-fashion about them, which in many ways is a good thing. It means that I'm dressing more for me than I used to. Of course, if she had known that cropped, frump-leaning jeans were a BIG DEAL in the fashion blogging world, she may have thought I was just a trend follower. Context is everything.

In any case, I don't think these jeans are particularly flattering, but they're super comfy and only cost me $4.00.

P.S. I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend whether you celebrate or not. Holy Week and Easter are my favorite church events of the year. This year I sang in 5 services and loved (almost) every second of it. We were also blessed with delightful spring weather and blossoming trees, so it was really the perfect long weekend.

A Happy Accident: Causebox Spring Subscription Box Review

Causebox subscription box review spring 2018
Contains affiliate links

Welp, I pulled a Leah and accidentally purchased the Spring Causebox subscription box.

You may be asking yourself how that's possible. I subscribed to Causebox in December because I wanted to give some of the items in the box as gifts (which, by the way, worked out wonderfully. Lower cost, beautifully curated ethical gifts for all the women in my life). Then I simply forgot to unsubscribe. When I got the email that my spring Causebox was shipping soon, I decided it was better to embrace it than beat myself up about it.

And honestly, I'm really happy with it...
Causebox subscription box review spring 2018
If you haven't heard of Causebox, you need to. They're one of the better curated ethical subscription boxes on the market. Where GlobeIn offers more artisan made goods, Causebox offers items from slightly bigger brands that still adhere to eco and social-good standards.

The spring box contains:
  • Symbology Kimono, $105 value
  • PF Candle Co. Reed Diffuser, $22 value
  • Soko Petite Bow Earrings, $42 value
  • Bloom & Give Malabar Tea Towels, $24 value
  • Scentuals Rosehip Beauty Oil, $23.19 value
  • Juice Beauty Ultra-Natural Mascara, $24 value
  • Marylou Faure Postcard, $10 value

I've heard of the fashion brands (Symbology, Soko, and Bloom & Give) and can vouch for their ethics, but I was less familiar with the lifestyle products. After reading up on the other brands, I feel good about supporting all of them. 

My Favorites

I was excited to receive mascara, as I haven't purchased or worn mascara since last year, when I gave up makeup for Lent. This mascara lightly defines without any clumpiness or shedding. I'm looking forward to using it more to see if it continues to work for my sensitive eyes. 

The Soko bow earrings are really nice, and make a statement without standing out too much. 

But my very favorite item is the full sized Rosehip oil. It's light but still really moisturizing and it doesn't cause any irritation. I add a little into my standard, unscented lotion at night. 

Other Thoughts

The other items are beautiful and well-made, but maybe a little bit less essential to my life. The Reed diffuser has added a nice spa-like touch to my bathroom, though. We're hosting some of Daniel's family this week and they seem to like it. 


All in all, I'm thrilled with this box. Each item is something I can use and I'm particularly happy to have been introduced to Juice Beauty and Scentuals.

I would recommend Causebox if you're looking to sample artisan goods at a lower price point or if you want to purchase a premium gift.

You can purchase the Spring box on the site now