New Spring Denim from Everlane & ABLE

ethical spring light wash denim and cropped denim everlane ABLE
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Ah, fresh spring denim.

Sunny days, daffodils, and mild weather put me in the mood for cropped fits and light washes. Everlane and ABLE are my go-tos for ethically made, thoughtfully designed denim if I really *need* to buy a new pair, and they've both released new styles just in time for spring.

This season's cut-off styles are really perfect for DIYs, so don't rule out the too-short pair at the thrift shop or the flares hiding in the back of your closet. If you're looking to make your own pair of kick flares, I highly recommend buying a pair of secondhand LL Bean True Shape Jeans off of ebay and cutting them to your desired length. I've done this with two pairs and find the silhouette and rise perfect for achieving the style of the moment.

If that doesn't work for you, here are my picks for spring denim from Everlane and ABLE...
ethical spring light wash denim and cropped denim everlane ABLE

ABLE Seam Jean in Sandra Wash, $158

Made in a fair trade factory. Raw hem, mid-rise.

Everlane Kick Crop Jean in Light Blue Wash, $78

Made in a low waste, sustainable factory. Raw hem, high rise.

ABLE High Rise in Ileana Wash, $148

Made in a fair trade factory. High rise.

It can be difficult to strike a healthy balance between embracing seasonal trends and maintaining a lean, sustainable closet. I try to make sure that the style really suits my body type before taking the plunge, because that ensures I'll wear it for longer. 

Have you heard of other ethical denim launches?

The Moral Wardrobe: hips don't lie

simple ethical outfit sseko designs krochet kidskrochet kids pocket tee
I am "pear shaped" according to those silly women's body quizzes that compare you to different fruits. Though I know it's absurd, I generally take the body proportion rules for dressing pretty seriously. I try to wear things that "cinch at the waist and skim over hips and thighs." It's true that I look much slimmer when my proportionally larger hips and butt are hidden away, but at some point you just have to ask yourself what you're trying to achieve by adhering to superficial standards that you know are harmful.

So today I'm wearing a pair of jeans that most definitely wouldn't be allowed in my What Not To Wear post-makeover wardrobe. Screw it! I like 'em. I like the mid-rise and the straight, cropped leg. I feel like a cool '90s woman who has just discovered feminism and feels that she can achieve anything, starting with tackling androgynous denim trends.
  boyfriend jeans ethical outfitethical outfit sseko designs
These jeans weren't sourced ethically, I'm afraid. I've mentioned it before on Instagram, but I have had 0 luck finding good quality, long lasting jeans on the ethical market that fit. For that reason, I make sure I look for conventional denim with a comfortable rise, good seaming, and thicker material that will last me for years. I haven't bought new denim for a couple of years and my last purchases are still going strong. It's one way I ensure that I'm still being thoughtful even in less than ideal circumstances.

krochet kids outfit Ethical Details (contains affiliate links): Tee - Krochet Kids; Shoes - Sseko Designs via MadeFAIR

What compromises do you make when it comes to building an ethical, meaningful closet? Is there a particular type of item you haven't been able to find on the ethical market?

Let's share our resources and see if maybe we can't find it after all.