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The Moral Wardrobe: Perfect Pairings

Victoria Road tunic and Sseko Designs outfit - ethical outfitVictoria Road tunic and Sseko Designs outfit - ethical outfitthrifted straw hatVictoria Road tunic and Sseko Designs outfit - ethical outfit Ethical Details: Tunic - c/o Victoria Road (also worn here, on sale now); Hat - thrifted; Bracelet - c/o Candorra Artisans; Sandals - Sseko Designs; Jeans - old

I bought this hat at a Goodwill in LA for $4.00 and it's definitely one of those surprise finds I'll cherish for years. It came in handy during our sunny hike up to Point Dume, too. When I travel, the only souvenir I buy is something from a local thrift shop. It's low cost, reminds me of the place I visited, and tends to be more practical than a keychain with palm trees on it or whatever other nonsense thing they've created to feed our nostalgia.

I really love this outfit. It's amazing how much it feels like me while embodying something a little more even keeled, a little more mature, than how I typically see myself. Sophisticated but not stuffy. As I approach year 28, I think that's how I'd like to be described. 

the moral wardrobe: Greenheart Shop's Ikat Crossbody

fall outfit fair trade purse from Greenheart Shop knee high boots on ebay

A mild November means the leaves have been able to hold on just a bit longer than usual and I don't mind at all. I love the bright reds of late fall. The EXTREME sunlight, on the other hand, gives me a headache, but it makes for beautiful photographs, so it (sort of) balances out.

Chicago-based Greenheart Shop sent me their lovely little Ikat Crossbody to review this week and I honestly couldn't be happier with it. I thought it was going to be slightly too small to carry all of my stuff, but the multitude of storage pockets (3 inside, 1 outside) make it easy to keep track of my phone, wallet, altoids, keys, lip balm, and ibuprofen (for the sun induced headaches). Plus, it's fully lined in a contrasting fabric and accented with pebbled leather. The price tag may seem hefty at $85.00, but the quality is exceptional - you can tell skilled artisans were behind the design and production. The brand behind the bag, Opportunity Collection, provides survivors of trafficking in India and mentally challenged artisans in Kenya fair wages and job training.

crochet scarf and ikat purseorange and black outfit
Ethical Details: Sweater - thrifted; Skirt - secondhand via ebay; Tee (not shown) - Everlane; Boots - secondhand via ebay; Scarf - thrifted; Purse - c/o Greenheart Shop

I'm always a bit biased toward Greenheart Shop, because I got a chance to visit their physical store in Chicago in June and had a wonderful time. The selection is well curated and the women behind the company are knowledgeable, passionate, and down to earth.

If you'd asked me a year ago to review an orange-hued anything, I would have said, "No, I don't wear orange." But I'm really digging all the warm, earthy hues that are popular right now. I finally understand why my mom has always loved orange, too: it looks good on us. Plus, I've accumulated a nice little selection of pinky-peachy tees and sweaters over the past several months and orange is a natural accent color.

I'm off work for the week starting tomorrow, but I'm posting a million blog posts (as in, two more this week) so stay tuned.


Visit Greenheart Shop online here. Stay in touch on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (they'll announce their Black Friday sales soon!). 

the moral wardrobe: FashionABLE's new customizABLE line

personal style post dusty rose sweaterfashionable customizable horizon necklace
This post contains affiliate links.

I recently purchased* the Horizon Necklace from FashionABLE's new CustomizABLE line. The launch couldn't have come at a better time with the Holiday season on the horizon. The line - along with all of FashionABLE's offerings - is ethically sourced and ethically produced in Nashville, Tennessee.

personal style space dyed cardiganj crew warehouse sale sweater
Ethical Details: Top - J. Crew Warehouse sale; Cardigan - thrifted; Boots & Jeans - past season; Necklace - FashionABLE

The interface is really convenient and you get to see a sample of the finished product before making your purchase, though I should note that the sample image for this particular piece shows 4 beads on each side and I only received 3. I kind of like this version better, but that's something to keep in mind since it costs an extra $5.00. The stamping option, however, is free, so take advantage of it if you can think of a meaningful word or name to add.

I chose to add the word Wise to my pendant because it's my last name and a trait I aspire to. I didn't realize until I was wearing it around my neck while reading an article on The Toast about changing your last name when you get married (well, more about making fun of the idea of women changing their names when they get married) how "traditional' I may come across for having chosen "my husband's" last name as a focal point of the piece. I've gotten a lot of flak for "bowing to the patriarchy" and changing my name when I got married and I've struggled to adequately express why it doesn't make me the very worst feminist. Because I'm a loud and proud feminist and I don't mind that I changed my name. It doesn't make me feel inferior. It doesn't destroy years of feminist work, contrary to the gut reaction of many I've encountered. This isn't a make or break thing.

thrifted outfit

Yes, I made a choice that aligns itself with the patriarchy. But not every decision is political. We have to live in a world with fluid and ever evolving gender norms, expectations, and definitions and we can't possibly all navigate them the same way. So fellow feminists: I'm terribly sorry if you feel like I've shunned our great movement, but I'm not going to take it back. And it's not your business to tell me I made a mistake.

End rant.

Thanks for reading and check out FashionABLE's CustomizABLE Line!

*FashionABLE provided a discount code in exchange for a review.

the moral wardrobe: autumn glow

fall outfitpurple scarfj crew outfitfall outfit
Ethical Details: Cardigan - thrifted; Necklace - c/o Bought Beautifully; Boots - Oliberte; Jeans - old

For all the complaining I do about cold weather, it's hard not to revel in the splendor of fall in all its warm, leafy glory. The weather has been mild this October and the leaves look especially bright. I'm enjoying dressing to match the red and orange leaves and the periwinkle Blue Ridge Mountains that loom in the background of every drive through Charlottesville.

Speaking of dressing to match, I got the shirt and scarf I'm wearing at a J. Crew Warehouse sale that blew through town a couple weeks ago. I have complicated feelings about whether it was the best decision, but here's why I allowed an exception to my normal thrifting/fair trade routine: this is the end of the line for J. Crew items. Samples, rejects, past season returns - anything that doesn't sell here is sent off to textiles processors, thrift shops, and maybe ebay used good resellers. It's not the most ethical, but it also doesn't increase demand for new goods. I only bought high quality basics in richly saturated colors that are hard to find elsewhere, so I think I'll get a lot of use out of them. If this paragraph sounds like one big excuse, perhaps that's because it is. I'm open to that, but I'm also feeling like it's ok to cut myself some slack in this instance.

What are your thoughts about shopping sample and warehouse sales from companies that don't adhere to ethical guidelines?

the moral wardrobe: red and green

Ethical Details: Dress - old; Vest - thrifted; Earrings - Mata Traders; Belt - old

I wore this outfit for Christmas Eve. It's sad, though, because I wore my choir robes for the evening service, so it had a very brief moment in public. 

We've been spending time with my parents in Cincinnati, OH over the break. It's been great to catch up, sight-see together, and eat home cooked meals (don't worry; I helped with the mashed potatoes and made mug cakes for my mom and me). We went to the market on Saturday for phở, bánh mì, and Belgian waffles before heading to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, an incredibly moving exhibit that spans early American slavery to modern day, global slavery; I'll dedicate a post to it soon.

an ethical outfit: lunch with parents


I finally get to visit my parents for the first time in nearly two years! Their life was in upheaval when my dad lost his job last year and it's taken awhile for things to settle back down. Now they live in Cincinatti and we get to spend some time hanging out and exploring the city together. If the weather was mild enough, I'd wear this comfortable, sophisticated outfit for lunch and afternoon thrift shopping with my mom. 

I had resigned myself to never getting proper vacation time again, but I'm pretty fortunate to work at a job that is primarily staffed by volunteers. Since our staff refuses to volunteer during Christmas break, I don't have to be there either! I'm looking forward to getting a chance to travel without feeling guilty that I'm missing work. Today is my last day until 2015! Hooray!

an ethical outfit: exploring midtown

ethical outfit with sseko designs, vintage, and people tree on stylewiseblog.blogspot.com

ethical outfit: exploring midtown by fracturedradiance featuring a long wool sweater

Sources: People Tree Sweater, Paige Denim, Recycling History Beret, Sseko Designs Bag, Nemres Boots

UVa students rarely refer to the area of Main Street between campus and Downtown as Midtown, but townies, of which I am one, proudly do. It's a small area - only a few blocks long - but it boasts the best local pastry shop in town, an upscale market, several good restaurants built in old industrial buildings, a tattoo parlor, and a few hoity toity shops.

This outfit would be perfect for a sunny, cool day like today. I'd bring a local paper and a book in my bag then settle into an outdoor table at Albemarle Baking Company with hot tea and a chocolate croissant. Alas! Today is Homecoming, so I'll have to wait for a quieter weekend.