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I met Emily of Bought Beautifully at the Justice Conference back in June. We had a great time fangirling over the ethical products at the Bought Beautifully booth - I had the chance to see a lot of things in person that I'd previously only seen on instagram - and getting to know each other a bit.

Bought Beautifully is a social enterprise committed to sourcing products from co-ops and companies that provide fair wages, a great work environment, and a spiritually enriching atmosphere to its employees and artisans. They have a nice selection of goods, but I especially love their jewelry. It's also a great place to find Christian graphic tees that are a little bit cooler than those "A Bread Crumb and Fish" tees that were popular when I was in youth group.

causegear bag review

Bought Beautifully is doing a really cool campaign this week called Fashion with Impact, which is sort of a virtual fashion show made up of looks inspired by their ethical goods. Two bloggers will post outfits they've styled using Bought Beautifully products every day this week and create an instagram chain for readers to follow. Additionally, when you follow along on Instagram, you'll be entered to win a $50 Bought Beautifully gift card. 

Bought Beautifully sent me two items from their collection, the CAUSEGEAR Canvas Day Bag and the Akash Necklace. I actually met the CAUSEGEAR founder while shopping at Chicago fair trade store, Greenheart Shop, also during the Justice Conference (talk about networking!). He and his team are committed to providing 5x the standard wage at their factories in India. As you may know, getting a "fair wage" just right can be tricky because disproportionately higher wages can throw local economies off kilter, but the founder is committed to making sure that CAUSEGEAR wages are good for everyone, not just their employees. This bag is a little bigger than what I'm used to, but the slouchy canvas makes it easy to carry and I can use it as an overnight or shopping bag, too. It's become my everyday bag.

The Akash Necklace is stunning in person. It's made by AshaBelle in New Delhi, India. The beads are made of shiny tile shards pressed into clay that sparkle in changing light. And the color makes it really versatile. 

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causegear day bag
Ethical Details: Sweater - old; Striped Top - made in USA; Boots - LL Bean, thrifted (and made in Maine); Akash Necklace - c/o Bought Beautifully; CAUSEGEAR Bag - c/o Bought Beautifully

I'm impressed with the craftsmanship and ethics behind both AshaBelle and CAUSEGEAR and I'm pleased that Bought Beautifully has offered a marketplace for the brands.

Every Bought Beautifully product promotes safe working conditions, fair wages, an ethical supply chain, and the practice of wise stewardship. 


Make sure to follow along with the Fashion with Impact virtual fashion show all week using the links below. 

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- Check out the instagram chain and enter to win a $50 Bought Beautifully gift card on Instagram!

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the moral wardrobe: royal

vintage midi skirt, thrifted look self portrait, stylewiseguide.comvintage outfit,

Just me in my favorite vintage midi skirt again. Crazy patterned skirts and pants is (are?) pretty much my signature look. It's important to know your signature look in case you become famous and need to share that information with People or Us Weekly.

I meant to take an hour long nap after working the opening shift at work today, but I ended up staying in bed for nearly 3 hours. After hour one, I awoke and heard the mail man talking to Daniel, so of course I immediately dozed off again and dreamt that the mail man stole our house key with the intent to break in at a later date. Daniel chased him all around the neighborhood. It's a sad dream, really, because our mail man is awesome in real life.

Oh! Did I tell you I'm modeling in the Floyd Fest fashion show this year? I just met the team and consulted with hair and makeup and they decided to dye my hair lavender! My appointment's in a couple weeks. I get to wear sustainable Synergy clothing and pretend I'm from The Capitol in The Hunger Games.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Top - thrifted

  • Skirt - thrifted

  • Necklace - handmade via etsy

  • Shoes - Old Navy (old)

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