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Ethical Roundup: Cozy & Spooky Fall Decor

When dear Anne of Green Gables said those famous words,

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers

I get the sense she wasn't talking about Halloween. Still, I agree with her: October is the season of crunchy leaves, crisp air, smoky fires, cozy blankets, and spooky movies. My husband is writing his dissertation on ghost hunters, so I've come to embrace his preference for ghost hunting shows and Halloween-themed entertainment (I still refuse to watch horror movies, though).

In the spirit of the season, I thought I'd round up some ethically made decor suitable for the season. Items shown here are either fair trade, handmade, or indie-made.

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ethical home decor for halloween and fall
  ethical home decor for halloween and fall
Bat Hanging Sculptures, $55.00 | Cat Candle, $34.00 (melts to reveal a cat skeleton) | Palmistry Hand Screenprint, $40.00

ethical home decor for halloween and fall
ethical home decor for halloween and fall
Fresh Butter Crunch Sampler, $34.00 | Oak Leaf Bowl, $29.50 (on sale)

Here's to having a cozy, adventurous, and spooky October. 

ethical home decor for halloween and fall

Ethical Gift Guide: For Men

This post was compiled and written by Holly Rose of Leotie Lovely. She's doing a fantastic #GoneGreen challenge, posting about ethical and sustainable living for 365 days! Check out her blog here.

Ethical Men's Gift Guide

Men can be either incredibly easy or incredibly hard to buy for, but over the past few years of married life with birthdays and anniversaries and such, I've found the items below to be winners in the husfriend departments. Each item is made by a conscious company who produces their products both ecologically and ethically and have proven, thus far, to last the test of time for he who normally wears out his clothing quickly.

While this season isn't necessarily about more stuff, I think a healthy mix of useful, wearable, sustainable products and donations on your loved one's behalf gives you a happy combination of the new and old traditions.

JUNGMAVEN | Shirt | $76.00

Eco & Ethical How? From my past year of research into eco fabrics, I'd rule Hemp as the greenest one. It grows the fastest, with the least amount of water and nourishes the land it is planted on. I could literally go on for ages about how amazing it is. Then there's this brand Jungmaven which has created a beautiful collection of hemp clothing and homeware for men and women which fits fantastically and is super stylish taboot. All their products are made in the USA.

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VEJA | Shoes | $100.00

Eco & Ethical How? It's no secret Veja is one of my favourite brands in France, they make their products through sustainable practices using ecologically tanned leather, organic cotton, and wild rubber from the Amazon. Each piece is produced through fair pay and good working conditions and supports communities both here in France and in South America. My husfriend and I both own a pair and love them dearly.

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PATAGONIA | Hat | $29.00

Eco & Ethical How? Patagonia makes all of its products with eco-friendly or recycled fabrics, this hat is made with Organic Cotton using fair labour practices, safe working conditions and environmentally responsible production.

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MATT & NAT | Wallet | $60.00

Eco & Ethical How? This brand makes beautiful vegan leather out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and sustainable materials such as cork and rubber. They design their own custom hardware and produce their products under ethical standards.

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HOUSE OF MARLEY | Headphones | $169.99

Eco & Ethical How? If you have a need for headphones, you probably like music, and therefore probably know this name. Bob's relatives created a company called House of Marley with a full line of over, on and in ear headphones made form sustainable materials and FSC certified woods. To top all that goodness off your purchases support the 1LOVE foundation which is dedicated to giving back through charities that empower individuals to take action for sustainable and responsible living. I bought my husfriend a pair a few years back and they're, according to him, the best headphones he's owned. I own a pair of the in-ear ones which have thus far lasted me 3 years without a single tangle (they're wrapped in fabric so they don't fray!)

Where To Buy? Amazon

JUNIPER RIDGE | Cologne | $35.00

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? This company is incredibly transparent, allowing you to follow them right to their field lab. Each product has a harvest number stamped on it so you can see photos of the plants and the fragrance extraction techniques used to create the item in your hands. They obtain their ingredients by exploring nature with their nose, sustainably wild harvesting each of natures gifts before wildcrafting their products through 100-year-old perfume making techniques including distillation, tincuing, infusion and enfleurage. They produce extremely small-batch, trail-made fragrances which are designed as aromatic snapshots, summing up their scents from that day of exploration. On top of carefully monitoring regrowth of their wild grown ingredients, they donate 10% of all their profits annually to a portfolio of Western Wilderness Defence Organizations.


ME UNDIES | Underwear | $20.00

Eco & Ethical How? My brother-in-law introduced us to this brand. Their carbon-neutral method of converting sustainably harvested beechwood pulp into silky modal yarn which not only stretches and molds to the body, but lasts. According to my husfriend these are the most comfortable underwear he's ever worn.

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WE WOOD | Watch | $145.00

Eco & Ethical How? Each WeWood watch is made from recycled and reclaimed timber including Indian rosewood, mahogany, coffee tree and teak, each with different healing properties and meanings. The company has teamed up with ‘American Forests’ and ‘Trees for the Future’, and ‘Conservation Volunteers’ to plant one tree for every watch sold.

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URU | Socks | €39.99

Eco & Ethical How? A Conscious brand making interchangeable, unisex, intentionally mismatched ‘same, same but different’ socks made ethically from organic cotton, covers all the concerning bases. Each pack of their SOLO socks even comes with a spare sock in its pack for when that black hole or evil gnome eats one out of your perfectly sorted collection.They even come with a little tray for your dresser which helps you keep your sock stash organized and united and reduces (packaging) waste while you're at it.

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Fair Trade Federation Holiday Gift Guide 2015

fair trade federation gift guide

It's here! The moment you didn't know you were waiting for. The Fair Trade Federation just published their 2015 Holiday Gift Guide chock full of ethical gifts for everyone on your list. Just click on the Isuu reader below to start reading.

I support Fair Trade Federation shops whenever I can, because I believe in their mission and find them to be a trustworthy source for fair trade goods. The FTF isn't a third party certifier - it's a business association that provides networking and other resources for companies that believe in ethical, transparent supply chain practices.

A few of my favorite FTF brands are Mata Traders, Education & More (support them via their sidebar ad), Manos Zapotecas, and Ten Thousand Villages.

I know it's a bit early to be talking about the Christmas holiday (at least I think so), but it's hard for fair trade companies to compete with big box retailers if they don't start the season early like everyone else. We're only a couple weeks away from the biggest fair trade sales event of the year - Fair Tuesday - so I'll be busy researching sales and creating lists and gift guides for you all.

Are you looking for anything specific this Holiday season? Let me know in the comments and maybe I can find an ethical version for you to include in a guide.

Fair Trade Federation Holiday Guide

Happy Tuesday. I'm currently steeped in Holiday-related work duties and haven't had much time to prepare posts, so it's the perfect time to share a fair trade gift guide! I really love the Fair Trade Federation's standards and organizational structure.

My picks are the Starfish Project necklace and the Eternal Threads gloves.