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Love Justly Offers Ethical Fashion at Unbeatable Prices

Love Justly Discount Ethical Clothing and Accessories Love Justly Discount Ethical Clothing and Accessories
This post was sponsored by Love Justly and I received an item for review. I'll be partnering with Love Justly on a few more posts, so stay tuned.

One of the biggest challenges of overhauling my lifestyle to make more ethical purchases was the higher price point of fair trade goods. Of course I wanted the makers to be paid fairly and work in safe buildings. Of course I wanted more transparency and a focus on sustainable textiles and processes. But I was a couple years out of college, working as a barista making $9.00 an hour, and married to a grad student husband. His meager stipend and my part time job hardly paid the rent and grocery bills!

How can you ensure that producers flourish when you're not exactly flourishing yourself?

At the time, my best option was to thrift and shop clearance sales at ethical retailers. But there weren't that many ethical fashion brands offering regular discounts, which makes sense because most of these companies were cutting their own profit margins to be able to provide living wages to their employees. 

Now, there's another option...

Love Justly Discount Ethical Clothing and Accessories Love Justly Discount Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Introducing Love Justly...

Jenny Foust, founder of Love Justly, didn't always plan to open an ethical boutique, but after searching high and low for discounted ethical clothing and accessories and seeing the gap in the market, she took action. Love Justly offers a range of overstock and past season items from popular ethical brands like Passion Lillie, Hands Producing Hope, and Liz Alig at reduced price points.

For her, and for me, offering ethical fashion at a lower price point isn't an excuse to over-consume - we still have a responsibility to make smart choices - but it helps create buy-in for those who don't necessarily have the income or frame of mind to take the plunge into conscious consumerism.

What I've realized as a result of working with dozens of brands over the last few years is that once I can actually see, feel, and wear a fair trade garment or accessory, I really can tell a difference in quality, and that makes me want to invest in higher priced, ethical goods every time I need or want something. It's worth the extra money.

But when you're used to shopping fast fashion, it's difficult to imagine how much of a difference quality makes. I had never even felt a good quality textile until I started down this road. So having access to popular ethical brands at a lower price point is a huge step in the right direction. Once you know it's worth it, you can justify the price the next time you need to buy something.
  Love Justly Discount Ethical Clothing and Accessories Ethical Details: Top and Cardigan - thrifted; Boots - Po-Zu; Tassel Necklace - c/o Love Justly

In this outfit, I'm wearing the tassel necklace from Hands Producing Hope (read the company profile here). I worked with Hands Producing Hope directly before, so I knew their products were good quality and work well with my aesthetic. I love the length and simplicity of this piece, and the yellow offers a great accent to the blues and citrus tones in my wardrobe.

I'm partnering with Love Justly on a series of posts featuring different items from the shop. In each post, I'll share more about the ethical criteria and shopping experience of Love Justly.

Today, I'd love to hear your stories of taking the plunge into ethical fashion. Was the price point intimidating? What tips do you have for changing your expectations?


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the moral wardrobe: Hands Producing Hope Tee

hand lettered tee
adventure tee
hands producing hope indiegogo
graphic tee
Ethical Details: Tee - c/o Hands Producing Hope; Necklace - c/o Hands Producing Hope (previous collab); Boots - Oliberte

Hands Producing Hope is the brand behind one of my most worn necklaces, the Shalom Necklace, which I featured here a few months ago. They're expanding their resource and employment program to Nkombo Island in Rwanda and are in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign. They're seeking $20,000 to:

  • employ staff on the ground to personally oversee the program's development 
  • offer consistent training to a group of women who will be our newest artisans 
  • provide an allowance that will allow the women to attend training classes with their children instead of working in the fields 
  • host a variety of life skills workshops to help equip these women 
  • set aside for scholarships for the women and their children to attend school 
  • purchase start-up supplies & place an initial order!

The nice thing about Indiegogo is that, unlike Kickstarter, the recipient gets to keep anything they receive even if they don't meet their end goal, which means any amount can make a difference. Plus, there's a tiered rewards system and you can unlock this "And so the adventure begins" tee at $50. I put my money where my mouth is and donated $25.00 toward the cause even though Hands Producing Hope let me review this tee ahead of time. 


Donate here. Shop Hands Producing Hope here

giveaway: Win a Shalom Necklace from Hands Producing Hope

Hooray for a giveaway! Hands Producing Hope has graciously offered a Shalom necklace to one lucky Style Wise Blog reader. Complete the entry form below to enter. The giveaway runs until Friday, June 19 at 12:00 am EST, so share it with your friends.

I also wanted to share the remaining questions from my interview with Hands Producing Hope founder, Rebecca Gardner. You can read the first couple of answers on Monday's post.

What are the long term goals for the organization? 

Long term we would like to be working in multiple countries around the world with women in remote communities who lack the opportunities needed to provide for themselves and their families. One next step is growing our Costa Rica program by hiring a local woman to help manage our work there. One goal that we are very excited about seeing come into fruition is launching a program in Rwanda, something that is currently in the works! Be sure to sign up for our email list to be the first to know when we launch! Other goals include wanting to see women leave our program because they have the training, skills and education needed to pursue other work that they have dreamed of doing. We also hope to continue to increase the number of scholarships and life skill classes that we have available for our artisans!

Besides making a purchase, how can we get involved? 

While purchasing products is key to HPH being able to grow our impact, there are many other ways people can get involved!

Social Media: Follow us on social media, share our page on facebook, share your favorite posts to your wall, and snap a picture of you wearing your HPH jewelry and tag us on Instagram and use #wearinghope! You can find us on social media here: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Volunteer or Intern with us: We have a range of internships available for college students who are wanting to get experience in their field of interest while also being part of a growing social enterprise! View internships here! We also welcome help from professionals wanting to volunteer their time to help see HPH flurish. Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, designer, marketer, business owner or a jack of all trades --we would love to hear from you! Email rebecca AT handsproducinghope.org if you are interested!

Become a Campus Ambassador: Another opportunity for college students is to represent HPH on their campus through our Campus Ambassador program! Host events, engage your community and earn free jewelry! Learn more here.

Host a Trunk Show: An HPH trunk show is a great time to gather with your bible study, co-workers, classmates or neighbors. Have an evening of hanging out, yummy food, sharing about the importance of who made your goods and a time to shop!! Interested? Learn more here.

Recommend us to your favorite retailer: Is there a shop in your town that you wish sold HPH? Shoot them an email recommending us or simply send us their contact information and we will let them know how we found out about them! If we end up working with them, we will send you a gift as a thank you!


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The Shalom necklace is available for sale online at Hands Producing Hope.

the moral wardrobe: Hands Producing Hope Shalom necklace

hands producing hope shalom necklace
hands producing hope shalom necklace

Hands Producing Hope is an accessories company with a mission to support marginalized women in Costa Rica through dignified work, life skills courses, and spiritual guidance. They sent me this beautiful Shalom necklace to review and it's become a fast favorite. 

The Shalom necklace is made of glass beads and seeds from the Ojo de Buey ("eye of the bull," part of the legume family) and Jaboncillo harvested by the artisans. I like that it's an organic twist on a statement necklace, plus the neutral tone makes it versatile. I wore it four days in a row when I first got it!

fair trade jewelry
fair trade outfit
Ethical Details: Top - c/o Tonle; Skirt - secondhand via thredup; Necklace - c/o Hands Producing Hope

I reached out to founder, Rebecca Gardner, for a behind-the-scenes interview about the daily running of Hands Producing Hope. I've included a few of her answers below (you'll see the rest Wednesday).

What does a day in the life of an artisan look like at Hands Producing Hope? 

The days of our artisans vary quite a bit because we work with women ranging from high school students to grandmas! Most of their days start soon after the sun rises, begins with either getting their own children ready for school or getting themselves ready for school. Soon after waking up they begin making the fire that will likely be burning during the entire day. Rice is a fairly normal breakfast or at times it is some form of meat if the family has recently slaughtered a chicken or pig (with no refrigeration, meat needs to be cooked right away and then consumed fairly quickly).

The women work on their jewelry or headband assignments throughout the day as they have time. This often happens while babies are napping, beans are cooking or kids are in school. Having the flexibility to work any time during the day or even not work on day and just do more work another is key for the women in our program, as many of them have many other responsibilities with their families! Often families have houses near each other and so sisters, cousins and in laws will get together during the day to work together and just spend some time socializing. If there is a soccer game on, you are sure to find a large crowd at the nearest house with a TV that evening. While this isn't an exact representation of what every day looks like for the women in our program, I hope this gives you a glimpse into their daily lives!

How do you select materials for your goods? Who designs them? 

We love utilizing local, natural materials. We also love the contrast of a beautiful metal beside a hand picked seed. Our products include materials found in the artisans local village, a near by town, and around the world. The designs are a collaboration between myself and our awesome board member/product design extraordinaire Emily Duke. We often pull designs from traditional Guaymi patterns and styles!

Make sure to check back this Wednesday to learn more about Hands Producing Hope and enter to win your own Shalom necklace!


Check out Hands Producing Hope on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Shop here