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The Moral Wardrobe: #30wears

Ethical Details: Dress - vintage; Cardigan - old H&M; Sandals - Sseko Designs

Have you heard about Livia Firth's #30wears campaign? The premise is built around cost per wear. When we buy a fast fashion piece, the item is likely to look tattered or be out of style before we can wear it even ten times. But a high quality item - though it may cost more up front - costs considerably less when worn over months, years, and decades. Here are Firth's guidelines:
At the moment of purchase, stop for a second and think: Will I wear it in six months' time? Will I wear it next year? Will I wear it a minimum of 30 times? If the answer is yes, buy it, regardless of which shop you are buying from.
 A few years ago, I decided I needed a sunflower dress. I searched high and low for an ethical option and finally found this one from Kissing Tree Vintage on etsy. I paid something like $50.00 for it, but I'm glad I did, because I wear it at least once a month. Over 24+ months, I'm well on my way to 30 wears.

I am bad about featuring clothing items I've already featured, mostly because it's not all that interesting to me and I don't photograph my outfits every day, or even every week. But I really love Firth's advice to think about the long term when it comes to choosing what to buy, and I love that this dress has become a fixture in my closet.


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I'm interested to know if you all have pieces you've worn over and over again.