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the moral wardrobe: hippie dippie

mustard sweater and clarks shoes on
clarks shoes

How serendipitous that I would wear my Clark's Originals (with a style that originated in the 60s or 70s) the same day a hippie bus was parked in my neighborhood! If you'd ever visited my neighborhood, you would know that it's unusual to see this sort of vehicle parked in this area (though this branch of the neighborhood was built in the early 60s, so maybe it makes more sense than I thought).

If you squint, you can just make out the message, "Listen to your children more!" scrawled on the side.

mustard sweater and clarks shoes on

Speaking of hippies, my bracelet was graciously gifted by Jesus' Economy, a Christian non-profit that aims to build wells, churches, and infrastructure for communities in India, with a particular interest in supporting women. You can read more about it here and shop their fair trade market.

Outfit Details: Sweater - H&M; Top - American Apparel; Bracelet - c/o Jesus' Economy; Shoes - Clark's; Jeans - AE

the moral wardrobe: any day now

people tree preppy styleye3

Since the weather still hasn't decided if it'd like to become spring, I have to constantly check the forecast. On colder days, I just want to wear something easy; it's too annoying at this point in the season to obsess over layers and details.

I got myself a pair of Levi's with a 6pm giveaway credit after discovering that they're reasonably ranked for ethics and values on GoodGuide. I bought a couple more pairs of jeans using ThredUp credit (thanks to those of you who used my referral link). It's always more difficult to shop ethically for basic items that require a good fit, but I think I'm doing alright.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Sweater - H&M

  • Top - People Tree

  • Jeans - Levi's

  • Earrings - handmade via Fab

  • Loafers - vintage, for sale at Platinum & Rust

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