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The National Picnic Home Base Dress That Fits Me Like a (Baseball) Glove

National Picnic Home Base Dress made in usa review
Betsy at National Picnic provided the Home Base Dress for review and sponsored this post.

Can you believe this is my third National Picnic review? (See one and two.)

It's become pretty clear to me that if you were to boil down the essence of my style, you'd just need a little National Picnic, a little Everlane, and some '90s vintage dresses and you'd be all set. One of the unanticipated benefits of being a fashion blogger is that you get to look at yourself wearing all sorts of garments and you can almost always tell when you're comfortable and when you're not. You'd think this would be obvious from a glance in a mirror, but it just isn't.

When I go back and look at myself in National Picnic, I always look happy and comfortable in my own skin.
  National Picnic Home Base Dress made in usa review
I think that comfort stems from a few things:
  • National Picnic clothing is made with high quality, slightly thicker organic cotton and hemp fabrics with a bit of stretch, which means the clothes don't cling, pull, or bind. 
  • Betsy makes relatively simple styles but always with a detail, pattern, or cut that adds interest.
  • The clothing is casual but cut to flatter, and her shift dresses are never too tight at the hips on my pear shape.

Not to mention that National Picnic's production is small scale and traceable, with products made by a small team in Philadelphia.
  National Picnic Home Base Dress made in usa review stylewise-blog.comNational Picnic Home Base Dress made in usa review Ethical Details: Home Base Dress - c/o National Picnic; Earrings - old; Shoes - #30wears

My Review of The Home Base Dress

The Home Base Dress is made with GOTS-certified cotton and hemp fabric with a tiny bit of stretch to hold its shape. It's cut modestly, which makes it ideal for my casual work environment, but the slightly wider neckline is a departure from a classic baseball tee silhouette, which makes it more flattering. The sleeves are made with a nubbier fabric that I really like, and finished with a fitted cuff.

I review lots of items and I try to point out the fit issues when I notice them, but this dress really fits me like a (baseball) glove and I have nothing to critique.

My typical dress size: S/M
Size ordered: S
Grade: A+

Why It Works in My Closet

The color palette is right on point for my Spring Capsule and this item looks pretty adorable over jeans, so it's really versatile.

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Farm to Closet Style: National Picnic's American-Made Kickstarter Dress + Giveaway

The American Made Kickstarter Dress - National Picnic ReviewThe American Made Kickstarter Dress - National Picnic Review
This post is in partnership with National Picnic and I was provided an item to review.

If there's been one recurring style thread through my wardrobe over the last decade it's blending classic, wearable style with all day comfort. I can't function in constricting clothing, but I don't want to look like I just came from the gym either. My blazers are knit, my pencil skirts have stretch in them, and my shoes are flats. I look good and, more importantly, feel comfortable in my own skin and my own clothes.

There are some designers that just get you. 

For me, it's National Picnic. Until recently, National Picnic was mostly a one-woman show, with designs conceived of and sewn by Betsy Cook in her studio. She's always been interested in making clothes responsibly - read her interview from last spring here - but she thought she could do more. So she did.

A couple months ago, National Picnic launched a Kickstarter campaign for their popular Sweatshirt Dress. But this wasn't just a way to get some extra cashflow at the beginning of the season.

This is the American-Made Kickstarter Dress

The fabric Cook sourced for the campaign was milled in North Carolina out of organic, Texas-grown cotton (blended with recycled polyester to reduce shrinkage). Then, the products were sewn at a manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. That means fair labor and responsibly sourced materials were used at every step in the supply chain, and both National Picnic and the end customer, like me, are intimately connected to the process.

Our president elect thinks we need to make America great again, but it seems to me that American makers are doing great without the added propaganda. This is what progress really looks like.

The American Made Kickstarter Dress - National Picnic Review
The American Made Kickstarter Dress - National Picnic Review

The sourcing is admirable, but beyond that, the dress is a winner. 

Made of a thick, terrycloth sweatshirt material, it keeps out cold wind without making me feel overheated. The sleeves are cuffed just above the wrist, which make it easy to work and type without having to push up the sleeves. The length is flattering without being revealing if you have to bend over, and I really like the contrast neckline. The bottom hem is slightly angled to give a nod to athletic wear, but nothing feels overly trendy or too casual. It's timeless without being boring. And the price point is under $100.00, which proves to me that Cook and the National Picnic team care about fair profit margins.

The American Made Kickstarter Dress - National Picnic Review
Ethical Details: American-Made Kickstarter Dress - c/o National Picnic; Socks - Hanes (made in USA); Boots and Leggings - old

I have a feeling I'll be getting a lot of use out of the American-made dress this winter. 

And maybe you will, too! 


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