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the moral wardrobe: low back

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Outfit Details: Top - thrifted via the Schoolhouse Thrift Shop; Skirt - Old Navy (old); Shoes - thrifted

I'm emotionally exhausted over the disappearance of local student, Hannah Graham, and spent the week being snippy with people I love. I'm feeling a bit down, but am encouraged by the way the Charlottesville community has stepped up to comfort one another and aid in the search.

This week is birthday week and I'm determined to count my blessings. I have lovely plans for Friday and am going on a hike in Shenandoah National Park on Saturday, so there's a lot to look forward to. I'm also excited to work on some new pieces on my banjo; I'm painfully inexperienced, but I think my guitar basics will transfer well enough for now.

the moral wardrobe: sunset

sd6 sd7sd5Outfit Details: Dress - thrifted / Boots - thrifted / Earrings - Ten Thousand Villages

I found this dress in the Girls' section at my new workplace. It's weird that it fits me so well. I wore it to go see the sunset over the mountains at Carter Mountain Orchard last night. Unfortunately, the sun sank behind a cloud and that was that, but we enjoyed drinking local wine, eating donuts, and conversing with friends.

It's been a long week of learning and thinking too much, but it's pretty fun to be a manager. I'm still getting used to trusting my instincts, but I think things are going well so far.


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