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Coming Up Daffodils: My Favorite Ethical Spring Florals

People Tree Thandie Marigold Skirt Review
Contains affiliate links. The skirt I'm wearing in this post was provided by People Tree.

It was late summer when Daniel and I first moved into our current apartment, so we figured all the plants we could see in our yard were all that we were going to get.

Summer turned to fall then to winter until one February day something started growing in the planter outside our door. Within a week the first yellow bud had bloomed. Daffodils!

It was my first real winter as an adult and it had been a difficult one (I later learned I have Seasonal Affective Disorder). Those bright flowers with their inviting little faces were a living miracle. The daffodils are up again basking in whatever sunshine they can find, and just like that week several years ago, they remind me that the warm days I live for are just around the corner.

In the spirit of sunshine and daffodils, I compiled a few of my favorite ethical and sustainable floral things for spring...
ethical and sustainable floral clothing for spring

1 | Ash & Rose Alexis Embroidered Sweatshirt Top, $128

My one departure from blue, this piece is great for bringing in some spring while the days are still a bit chilly. Fair trade. Made in India.

2 | People Tree Thandie Marigold Skirt, $94

The perfect modern floral with a bright pop of orange, this organic cotton piece is constructed in medium weight cotton with a front zipper and generous pockets. Fair trade. Made in India.

My Review: I was pleasantly surprised that the UK 10 (my usual size) followed the proportions of my waist and hips without pulling, as some pencil skirts do. It's also a great midi length for work. The color scheme is tailor made for the colors in my spring capsule wardrobe and I really have nothing but good things to say about it.

3 | National Picnic Digital Print Dress, $128

With a scoop neck, raglan sleeves, and a silhouette that skims the body, this is a really versatile piece, and the digital floral print is vibrant and expressive. Artisan made in the USA.

4 | Language of the Birds Tofino Paperbag Dress, $290

This is actually a minimalistic coral print, but it recalls flowers. Silk screened cotton made in the USA.

5 | Grove & Bay Mokomo Tencel Top, $34.95

I love how the bright floral offsets the casual silhouette of this piece. GOTS-certified cotton/sustainable tencel blend made fairly.

6 | Bead & Reel Betty Blue Floral Wrap Dress, $86

A classic wrap dress in woven cotton. Made with eco-friendly dyes. Fair trade. Made in India.

People Tree Thandie Marigold Skirt Review

Wanna Shop Secondhand Florals?

Smockwalker Vintage
ethical and sustainable floral clothing for spring

the moral wardrobe: frolicking in snow

snow photos
people tree tunic
style wise ethical style blog
thrifted suede coat
Ethical Details: Coat - thrifted; Tunic - People Tree; Leggings - old; Gloves - American Apparel; Vest - thrifted; Boots - thrifted

Another snow day. You know, it's nice to be able to take midday outfit pictures since I'm off work, but it's unsettling to miss so many days. Weather makes a big impact on sales, so I'd like to ask the winter to deal with us more gently. Make it warm, please.

I don't love playing in snow, but forcing myself to act a bit peppier lifted my spirits. My red rain boots are turning out to be the best $3.50 ever spent at the thrift store. In retrospect, I wish I'd spent even more time outside and less time obsessing over the black/blue, white/gold dress controversy. I can't even bring myself to link that for you because I never want to think about it again.

the moral wardrobe: people tree

Ethical Details: Top - People Tree fair trade; Flats - old

I took advantage of the good exchange rate between pounds and US dollars to buy this cheetah print top by People Tree. People Tree is one of my very favorite ethical brands, but I often can't afford it, so I wait patiently for sales and obsessively check exchange rate trends to find the best time to shop. 

I've always been on the fence about cheetah print, but this one is understated. It makes me feel cooler than I am, like I could just get on my motorcycle and ride into the sunset.

an ethical outfit: exploring midtown

ethical outfit with sseko designs, vintage, and people tree on

ethical outfit: exploring midtown by fracturedradiance featuring a long wool sweater

Sources: People Tree Sweater, Paige Denim, Recycling History Beret, Sseko Designs Bag, Nemres Boots

UVa students rarely refer to the area of Main Street between campus and Downtown as Midtown, but townies, of which I am one, proudly do. It's a small area - only a few blocks long - but it boasts the best local pastry shop in town, an upscale market, several good restaurants built in old industrial buildings, a tattoo parlor, and a few hoity toity shops.

This outfit would be perfect for a sunny, cool day like today. I'd bring a local paper and a book in my bag then settle into an outdoor table at Albemarle Baking Company with hot tea and a chocolate croissant. Alas! Today is Homecoming, so I'll have to wait for a quieter weekend.

an ethical outfit: afternoon lecture


Details: People Tree Dress, Mata Traders Earrings, Malia Designs Bag, Ruby Dust Vintage Loafers

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I don't have any lectures to attend, though I did go to a special talk given by one of Daniel's professors a couple weeks ago. It's important to me that I'm still connected to the academic community. I enjoy living outside of it while keeping up with the conversations within it; it's the best of both worlds. Being married to a grad student has its perks.

I love this People Tree Dress, but the conversion rate makes it pretty far out of my reach. Sad face. The Malia Designs bag, however, comes at a reasonable price at $38.00. It's made from a cement bag and has the most adorable graphic elephant print!

The weather is inching down to fall temps. I'm not excited for the winter, but Charlottesville is really meant for fall. It's a fireworks display of changing leaves and mountain breezes in October and November.

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the moral wardrobe: fair

ou1 ou6ou2

I wore this today for Fashion Revolution Day. It's not inside out (I chickened out), but it is all fair trade and secondhand. Instead of being forced to tell people why I was wearing my clothes inside out, I just shouted "It's Fashion Revolution Day!" to an assortment of customers until I felt I had done my duty. Even though I work at a fair trade, organic coffee shop and have a great relationship with the owners, I didn't think it was the right environment for this type  of conversation. There just isn't enough time for deep reflection when you're making coffee all day for people with places to go and things to do.

Since April is National Poetry Month, the local library had representatives hand out poems on the Downtown Mall today. I got Saturday at the Canal by Gary Soto. They left a few at the shop so I exclaimed, "Have you gotten a poem yet?!" in between Fashion Revolution Day reminders.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Top - People Tree

  • Skirt - secondhand via Thredup (I won a giveaway!)

  • Shoes - secondhand via ebay

  • Belt - thrifted

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the moral wardrobe: any day now

people tree preppy styleye3

Since the weather still hasn't decided if it'd like to become spring, I have to constantly check the forecast. On colder days, I just want to wear something easy; it's too annoying at this point in the season to obsess over layers and details.

I got myself a pair of Levi's with a 6pm giveaway credit after discovering that they're reasonably ranked for ethics and values on GoodGuide. I bought a couple more pairs of jeans using ThredUp credit (thanks to those of you who used my referral link). It's always more difficult to shop ethically for basic items that require a good fit, but I think I'm doing alright.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Sweater - H&M

  • Top - People Tree

  • Jeans - Levi's

  • Earrings - handmade via Fab

  • Loafers - vintage, for sale at Platinum & Rust

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spring favorites


springfaves by fracturedradiance featuring leather bags

Charlottesville had its first taste of spring last week and now I'm totally and completely over winter. I've been enjoying watching wildlife reemerge and birds take flight, flocks zig-zagging across the sky hypnotically. I can't stop looking up.

If I had an unlimited wardrobe budget, I'd update my closet with:

  1. Everlane U-neck tee in Pine

  2. Bookhou Day Bag in Bure

  3. Dogeared L ring

  4. Orla Kiely for People Tree Collar Dress

  5. TOMS Black Woven Correa Sandals

  6. Everlane Sandals

But alas, I'll be thrifting or not shopping at all. It's tax season after all.
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the moral wardrobe: snowed in

high waist flare jeans gr6bell bottoms

There's no better time for a blog update than today, because we're snowed in (by snowed in, I really mean we can't drive anywhere without shoveling out the whole road first; we could certainly take a walk outside).

I wore this earlier in the week. I almost always pair these jeans with moccasins for a truly vintage feel. I like that they verge on costume; I can pretend I'm a cool girl in the late 70s.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Top - People Tree, fair trade

  • Jacket - secondhand

  • Jeans - made in USA

  • Moccasins - secondhand via ebay

  • Earrings - American Apparel

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people tree spring/summer lookbook

pt pt2pt3

People Tree just released its Spring/Summer interactive lookbook. I love everything in the Orla Kiely collaboration. The best part is that it's all fair trade and most cotton products are organic. Take a look by clicking here or on the screenshots above (all images clipped from People Tree lookbook).

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style recipe: sweater and flared skirt


style1 by fracturedradiance featuring dangle earrings

linebreakI've been really into classic dressing this winter due to its simplicity. When you're cold all the time, it's difficult to plan perfect outfits, so it's nice to fall back on time-tested looks. This Style Recipe includes fair trade and American made sweaters, American Apparel oxfords, and fair trade and handmade earrings. Just add tights and warm accessories and you're ready to take on the day.
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