Pinning Down My Style & Shopping Less

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I like spending money on things.

That's probably not unusual, but it's very difficult for me to set aside anything I deem extra money for a rainy day when I could go buy a new fair trade dress or check out what the local thrift shop got in this week. It's not as though I have an overspending problem, it's simply that I buy too many things I don't need, or even particularly want.

I've found that the best way to avoid the shopping itch is to spend my time far far away from a store or computer. But since that's not always practical, I also find a lot of enjoyment in seeking out images and representations of my aesthetic and work on curating that instead of my literal wardrobe.

A couple weeks ago, I printed off Caroline's Capsule Wardrobe Planner booklet. I don't practice a Capsule Wardrobe and I don't plan on starting one up again, but I liked the way she broke down wardrobe creation into sections based on lifestyle, habits, and personal preferences.

Listing out what I love versus what I don't love in my current wardrobe was a sort of Duh! moment that helped me realize, 1. I already have everything I really want and 2. obviously I should not buy silhouettes and colors that I don't feel good in, even if they look fine on me. I might experiment with interesting color stories and vintage silhouettes, but there are just some things I won't wear. It's about time I learn that about myself.

For visualizing my style, I rely on Pinterest boards organized by season. As you can see from my Spring/Summer board below, I'm drawn to stripes, midi skirts, mid-wash denim, and minimalist flat shoes when the weather's warm. The images are remarkably consistent, aren't they?

Makes me wonder why I think I don't have a consistent, personal style.

a few favorites


afew by fracturedradiance featuring home decor

Just a small assortment of images and things worthy of pinning this week: fair trade moccasins, a sporty midi dress, superb American Apparel flats, and a beautiful forest scene. Click on the styleboard to be redirected to image sources or check out my pinterest page by clicking the P. button below.

Happy Easter Weekend! I'm looking forward to my church's Easter Vigil this evening. If you've never gone to one, I encourage you to find your nearest liturgical church (Lutheran, Episcopalian, Catholic, etc.) and go! It's my favorite service of the year, as it moves through the despair of suffering and death to uncompromised joy by the end of the service. The Lenten season is all about looking our brokenness square in the face and learning how to forgive, repent, and find contentment in its midst. I believe that facing the hard truths of reality and moving forward with a heart of hope and compassion is one of the most important - and perhaps most difficult - steps we take in life. And now that we've seen despair, and now that we know "it is finished" (in the long run) in the sacrifice of Christ, we have cause for hope. We continue the year with new understanding, with a sympathetic spirit, with love to give.

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sunday styleboard

spring fashion styleboard
sources (clockwise from top left): unknown; 6pm; recent settlers on flickr; Adored Vintage; thetimeisgrey

A few recent favorites: thick strap sandals, flatform shoes from France, a chunky knit blanket, a beautiful 1970s dress, and the composition of thetimeisgrey's outfit photo.

I'm savoring the beautiful weather we've been having in Charlottesville because I know it won't last long. But spring will come eventually and I'll go outside with bare legs and it will be wonderful.

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