saltwater sandals

the moral wardrobe: simple

flouncy skirt outfit black and white outfitsaltwater sandalsI woke up with a swollen face this morning because the plants are trying to kill me. I keep telling myself I'll adapt to local allergens, but in all likelihood it'll get worse with each passing year. I didn't know what those "Claritin Clear" commercials meant until I was driving to high school junior year and suddenly couldn't see the road in front of me. I went through the rest of the day in a haze; the pine trees had been waiting to attack!

But I just woke up from a long nap, so I'm feeling better for now. Time to finish painting our bookshelves!

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Top - Target (old)

  • Skirt - secondhand via ebay

  • Shoes - Saltwater

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