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The Moral Wardrobe: The Classics

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Ethical Details: Custom Embroidered T-Shirt - c/o Known Supply; Jacket - c/o Hackwith Design; Authentic Stretch Denim - Everlane; Mini Ellen Hoops - c/o Sela Designs

If there's one thing I learned from the Glam Capsule, I am a creature of both comfort and habit. I want to make a statement, but it's ok if it's not evident from several yards away. It's all in the details.

So today I'm wearing some of MY classics. They may not look like a French Wardrobe or a standard capsule, but they're things that work for me, again and again. I've worn this Hackwith Design Jacket, for instance, at least 20 times since I got it in July. It works as a going-out jacket, car coat, and beach cover-up and it always garners compliments. This surprised me at first because I wasn't sure how such a simple piece could make an impact, but the details, the fit, and the confidence it gives me are noticeable.

This shirt, too, is one of my very favorite things. Known Supply makes fair trade garments with organic cotton and other sustainable fibers, and they'll embroider basically anything you want on their t-shirts for a small upcharge (of $10). The jeans, as you know, are new, but in the cut and color I always go for in the fall and winter months. And these earrings, which I just received from Sela Designs' Fall Collection are updated classics: hoops with a small black bead that are lightweight and easy to wear.

When I was in my early 20s, I couldn't imagine that small details and whispered statements could signal anything meaningful to the world. But these days the world is already loud enough. Everyone's yelling and tweeting and grandstanding. So I'd rather say my piece in safe space, and let the people who really take a chance to look appreciate the details.

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The Moral Wardrobe: Gingham + Impulse Buys

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Over the years, I've gotten a lot better about reducing impulse buys.

I realized it was hurting me more than it was helping, and when I got the stuff home I just felt even worse about my closet than before. But when Jacqui recently featured this Made in USA skirt on her blog, I did a quick Google Search, found it for sale on Anthropologie's site, and took the plunge.

It wasn't exactly an impulse buy. A very similar vintage gingham skirt came into the thrift shop last week that I loved, but it was about two sizes too small (darn you, tiny mid-century people!). I am always on the hunt for flattering, midi skirts because anything shorter is too hard to work in. This fit the bill, and the unusual lacing at the front makes the skirt feel more modern.
  ethical style eva franco and sela designsethical style eva franco and sela designsethical style eva franco and sela designs
Ethical Details: Top - thrifted; Skirt - Eva Franco via Anthropologie; Shoes - Sseko Designs (similar); Necklace - c/o Sela Designs*

Speaking of impulse buys, I bought a pair of white canvas high tops that I thought were made in the USA at the same time. Turns out they weren't. There's still a slight chance I'll keep them, though, as I think the quality makes them worthy of the #30wears hashtag.

I paired my skirt with a fair trade Sela Designs necklace made with a tagua nut embellishment (Sela Designs gave it to me). I've worn tagua jewelry before, and I'm always impressed with how sturdy and lightweight it is. The nut is sustainably harvested from palm trees in Ecuador, then cut and dyed by fairly paid artisans. Jewelry is designed and made by owner, Ashleigh, in her Wisconsin studio. Proceeds are donated to orphan and family care organizations in Ethiopia.