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Just me in my favorite vintage midi skirt again. Crazy patterned skirts and pants is (are?) pretty much my signature look. It's important to know your signature look in case you become famous and need to share that information with People or Us Weekly.

I meant to take an hour long nap after working the opening shift at work today, but I ended up staying in bed for nearly 3 hours. After hour one, I awoke and heard the mail man talking to Daniel, so of course I immediately dozed off again and dreamt that the mail man stole our house key with the intent to break in at a later date. Daniel chased him all around the neighborhood. It's a sad dream, really, because our mail man is awesome in real life.

Oh! Did I tell you I'm modeling in the Floyd Fest fashion show this year? I just met the team and consulted with hair and makeup and they decided to dye my hair lavender! My appointment's in a couple weeks. I get to wear sustainable Synergy clothing and pretend I'm from The Capitol in The Hunger Games.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Top - thrifted

  • Skirt - thrifted

  • Necklace - handmade via etsy

  • Shoes - Old Navy (old)

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