How to Find Cheap Vintage & Secondhand Dupes for Your Favorite Ethical Brands

cheap alternatives to your favorite ethical brands etsy ebay

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If you currently like or have ever liked shopping for vintage clothing, you can see the signs everywhere...

Square toed mules, woven oxfords, overalls, prairie dresses: ethical fashion has a passionate love affair with vintage silhouettes, patterns, and colors. 

It seems that every fashion brand, "ethical" and otherwise, woke up this year and decided old is in. There's something to be said, of course, for reviving old favorites with updated elements and new materials, especially when  the brand produces thoughtfully. And it's awfully fun to see the styles I wore as a kid come back into fashion. But it starts to feel needlessly wasteful to buy much of anything new when department and direct-to-consumer stores are carrying essentially the same clothing as the local thrift shop. There are legitimate reasons to buy new, especially when it comes to sizing needs, but if you're shopping for pleasure rather than necessity, it pays to shop secondhand first.

Yes, you can shop the literal ethical fashion item you want secondhand in some cases, but I think it's worth it to broaden your horizons. Instead of thinking in terms of exact items, sometimes it's beneficial to expand your search to true vintage items.

Right now, most products I'm seeing are highly reminiscent of 90s and early 2000s styles, so always use those decade markers in your searches.

While there's plenty to be found on popular resale sites like Poshmark, I highly recommend EBAY and ETSY to find affordable vintage fashion. Head over to the site of your choice then use search terms like the ones I share below to narrow down your selection.

What's On My List?

I just bought a beautiful Irish wool sweater reminiscent of chunky knits from Babaa and L'envers and some chambray coveralls like the ones they sell at Muumuu.

Cheap Secondhand Dupes for Your Favorite Ethical Brands (and Where to Find Them)


☀ Use search terms:

 All That Jazz, Ditzy Floral, 90s Dress


☀ Use search terms:

 90s Cotton Dress, 80s Cotton Dress, Cotton Day Dress, Vintage Cotton Dress

If you like EVERLANE SHOES...

☀ Use search terms:

 Square Toe, Mules, 90s Ankle Boot, Kilty Loafers, Glove Flats

If you like EVERLANE DENIM...

☀ Use search terms:

Mom Jeans, 90s Jeans, Vintage Lee Jeans (avoid Levi's unless you want to pay an arm and a leg)

If you like WIDE LEG CROPPED DENIM (like the ones at EVERLANE and MADEWELL)...

☀ Use search terms:

 Ralph Lauren Jeans, Culottes, Gaucho Pants, 1970s Jeans, Bellbottoms, Cropped Flares

If you like WOVEN SHOES (like the ones at NISOLO SHOES)...

☀ Use search terms: 

Woven Flats, Woven Mules, Huarache Sandals


☀ Use search terms:

 Linen Crop Top, Linen Circle Skirt, Linen Full Skirt, Linen Trousers, Vintage Eileen Fisher

If you like GEOMETRIC AND ABSTRACT PRINTS (like the ones at MATTER)...

☀ Use search terms:

 1980s Dress, 1970s Dress, Mod, Retro Print, 1980s Geometric Print, Triangle Print

If you like CHRISTIE DAWN...

☀ Use search terms:

 1970s Dress, Boho Dress, Hippie Dress, Gunne Sax, 1960s Dress, Vintage Wool, 90s grunge maxi dress

If you like CHUNKY KNIT SWEATERS (like the ones at L'ENVERS and BABAA)...

☀ Use search terms:

Irish Wool Sweater, Carraig Donn Cardigan, Vintage Wool Cardigan, Vintage Cashmere Cardigan

If you like COVERALLS (like the ones at MUUMUU and BACK BEAT RAGS)...

☀ Use search terms:

Vintage Coveralls, Vintage Button Down Jumpsuit, Cotton Coveralls, Linen Coveralls

There are hundreds of ways to frame your search, so keep trying until you find the magic, one of a kind item that ticks all the boxes.


cheap alternatives to your favorite ethical brands etsy ebay

The Moral Wardrobe: The Cool Mom

ethical and secondhand fashion vintage jeans
ethical and secondhand fashion vintage jeans
ethical and secondhand fashion vintage jeans
ethical and secondhand fashion vintage jeans

Ethical Details:

Sweater - LL Bean thrifted (


); Jeans - Vintage Lee thrifted (


); Earrings -

Molly Virginia Made

via Darling Boutique; Boots -


I have been super lucky on the vintage jeans front lately. I can't deal with the super rigid jeans of the 80s and 90s, but the thrift shop has gotten in some early versions of stretch denim circa 2000 and this delightful pair of elastic waste jeans in soft, 100% cotton. I feel like the coolest "mom" in these mom jeans, children not required. I just need a scrunchy to polish off the look.

I was self conscious at first about wearing them out of the house, but because they're so obviously vintage, they make an offbeat statement that has mostly been interpreted as positive among my friends and colleagues. And a part of me just can't manage to care as much as I used to. Sure, I want things that flatter my figure and fit me well, but I can't live my life in jeans that constrict. With my hair cropped short again and my jeans fitting looser, I can go about my whole day not thinking about my appearance at all.

And that's actually really nice.

The Moral Wardrobe: A Vintage Blue Dress

vintage style and vegan sandals stylewise-blog.comvintage style and vegan sandals stylewise-blog.comvintage style and vegan sandals
Ethical Details: Dress - Low Vintage (local); Sandals - Melissa via Bead & Reel


That's what I feel this morning after a long day yesterday. After work, we had our bi-monthly board meeting (I'm happy to report that the board voted to let me reduce my total work hours so I have more time to blog and freelance), then I headed downtown for a quick dinner before a long choir dress rehearsal. 

I'm in a small women's ensemble and our concert is scheduled for Sunday. There are 11 of us and I'm the only true first soprano, which means I'm the only one on my part for several of the songs (and I have three solos! Ahh!). It's been a good challenge, but I'm very afraid of losing my voice either before or during the concert. There was also a communication snafu that left us wondering if we were even going to have a venue, so of course I went home and ranted about it on the phone to my parents for an hour, putting my voice even more at risk. Today I'm trying to speak as little as possible. 

Both pine and oak are shedding masses of pollen, too, so my eyes are constantly watering and my Eustachian tubes aren't regulating themselves very well. The stress is overwhelming and I just want to sleep.

In news that is actually related to this blog, my E-book on ethical lifestyle blogging is live on Etsy now. I'll be posting about it more once all the testimonials are in.

The Moral Wardrobe: Smockwalker Vintage

Smockwalker Vintage review
This post was sponsored by Smockwalker Vintage and I received an item for review.

As much as I complain about Instagram (and it is regularly), there's no doubt that it can initiate some fruitful and gratifying interactions. That's definitely true when it comes to my budding email friendship with Justina, proprietor of online vintage shop Smockwalker Vintage.

If you've been here awhile, you know that I used to sell vintage clothing, so I'm always interested in talking shop with other secondhand dealers. Justina and I bonded over the wonky and weird things we found/find when searching through piles of used goods to curate our vintage shops. We also talked a bit about the anxiety welling up in us over the current political environment. These sorts of instant connections are things I shouldn't take for granted. They're worth reflecting back on whenever I feel isolated or overwhelmed.

Smockwalker Vintage reviewSmockwalker Vintage review

Smockwalker Vintage specializes in the type of vintage I'm most attracted to: the wearable kind. Yes, a sequined flapper dress is beautiful and a mod mini in scratchy polyester pulls out all the stops when it comes to nostalgia, but neither is practical for most people's lifestyles. Not to mention that the price on collectible vintage can be prohibitively expensive.

Smockwalker is for women who love vintage, but not just for them. The wearability (and extremely reasonable prices) of the selection means it's also for women who like the idea of purchasing through a more sustainable avenue. Plus, vintage clothing is almost always made of better quality materials than items currently offered at standard retail stores, so it'll last and last.

Brief tangent: I am absolutely fed up with the appalling quality of most new items offered at department stores and boutiques. I see them every day when they come into the thrift shop where I work. The seams are weak; the fabric is doomed to fade, pill, or stretch out; and the cuts are weird and unflattering. This isn't just some passive result of the influence of fast fashion, this is blatantly rude to customers. We deserve to be able to purchase things that will hold up and that we can feel good in. Even if you don't think that supply chain ethics matters, you should care that companies are trying to pull one over on you when it comes to quality.
  Smockwalker Vintage reviewSmockwalker Vintage review
Wearing: Romper c/o Smockwalker Vintage; Tee via Everlane*; Thrifted Melissa Jellies (similar)

Justina sent me a charming romper to review and I'm in love with it. That sounds ridiculous, but I have a soft spot for sort of goofy late 80s/early 90s patterns and cuts. This one is easy to wear and looks an awful lot like a skirt but with the ease of a pair of shorts.

A few other items I like: 90s Jersey Mini Dress | Midi Colorblock Sun Dress | Vintage Seamed Jeans

If you're intimidated by secondhand shopping, curated vintage shops like Smockwalker Vintage are a good place to start. Secondhand shopping is the most eco-friendly - and in my opinion, most fun - choice, so it's worth giving it a try.


Shop Smockwalker Vintage

FashRev Week | My Fashion Revolution Love Story

Fashion Revolution Love Story Fashion Revolution Love Story ethical fashion

Welcome to the Fashion Revolution!

Fashion Revolution was founded in direct response to the Rana Plaza Garment Factory collapse that killed over 1,100 people on April 24th, 2013. This week, we remember the victims of this and related garment factory tragedies and use our voices to demand justice for garment workers around the world.

The fact is that many survivors of the Rana Plaza collapse are still awaiting agreed-upon compensation and, among those who were injured, over 40% are unable to work. Meanwhile, workers around the world continue to fight for fair wages and safe working conditions. For more information about the current state of the industry, read the suggested links at the end of this post.

Through Fashion Revolution, consumers and fair trade organizations around the world join together to hold companies accountable for their labor standards, asking #whomademyclothes? and sharing positive stories about beloved garments and better business models. This year, the Ethical Influencer Network has decided to focus on one particular prompt provided by Fashion Revolution: Love Story.

The idea is simple: share a story about a piece of clothing that you cherish. We do this to combat the idea that fashion is throw-away, and to consider the ways that pieces bought and cared for with love positively impact our lives.
  Fashion Revolution Love Story ethical fashion
Wearing: Dress - The Kissing Tree Vintage circa 2011; Shoes - Etiko
Fashion Revolution Love Story ethical fashion
College Graduation, 2011 | Spring 2013 | Winter 2016

The item I'm featuring this year is a vintage 90s skater dress I bought from The Kissing Tree Vintage* in 2011 (oddly enough, the owner lives in the town I grew up in) . It means a lot to me because it was my first foray into vintage shopping, and I was hooked. I love the sturdy knit cotton of an early 90s garment, and I've always found this dress to be flattering and comfortable, with its wide v-neck and eye catching back seam. It creates an hourglass silhouette while gently skimming over my body, and the crochet accents on the sleeves are a big hit - they always prompt an amused comment or two.

I wore this dress under my gown for my college graduation, at the crappy customer service job I had the following summer, during my first Virginia summer, at parties and church gatherings, and off and on when the weather and occasion suited it.

Now that I'm in my late 20s and manage a shop, the hem feels a little short to be appropriate for everyday wear, but it goes great over leggings and is still perfect for weekends winery-hopping or hanging out with friends.

This dress has seen me through the highs and lows of post-college soul searching, tragedies, and triumphs, and I can't look at it without feeling thankful for the journey it's seen me through.

To join in Love Stories on social media, post a picture with a description and use the hashtags #lovedclotheslast #fashionrevolution #30wears and/or #fashrev.

Suggested Reading:


Learn more about Fashion Revolution here. 

Lariats are the New Chokers: Dunitz & Company Jewelry Review

This post was produced in partnership with Dunitz & Company. Dunitz & Company fair trade Lariat Necklace reviewDunitz & Company fair trade Lariat Necklace review
Ethical Details: Dress - vintage; Jacket - Thredup; Leggings - old; Shoes - Frye; Leather Spiral Lariat Necklace - c/o Dunitz & Company

A choker that doesn't choke...

I really like that chokers are back in style, except for one thing: they make me feel like I'm choking. But I figured out a way to get the cool Victorian-era meets the '90s look I'm going for without fear of death. Wear a lariat necklace!

Lariat necklaces allow you to customize the tie, so you can wear them like a long string of pearls or as a choker, and the style means that you get two pretty pendants affixed to the ends of the strand for a unique, asymmetrical look. There are plenty of chokers and lariats offered on the conventional and fine jewelry markets, but I wanted something that was more of an everyday, wear-anywhere piece, and obviously it needed to be ethically sourced. Nancy at Dunitz & Company offered the Leather Spiral Lariat for review and it's turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

  Dunitz & Company fair trade Lariat Necklace review

The Leather Spiral Lariat is made of delicate glass beads and lightweight leather, so it's not burdensome to wear all day. I can't overstate the quality of materials; you can tell by the way it feels that it's high quality. It feels feminine without being saccharine and, when worn like a choker, it transforms into something a little more hardcore. It's a great accompaniment to this vintage '90s dress and my secondhand denim jacket.

Dunitz & Company fair trade Lariat Necklace review

About Dunitz & Company

Nancy Dunitz founded Dunitz & Company in the late '80s as a response to a need. While visiting Guatemala, she met many talented artisans who had limited access to a viable marketplace for their goods due to political unrest...
During the early stages of Dunitz & Company, Nancy met two artists who introduced beading techniques to a few Mayan women. She began collaborating with these creative women, and soon a viable and sustaining business was born. “We were on the ground floor,” comments Nancy. “Beading was a new medium in Guatemala and by creating fashion-forward designs, I knew I could also create demand.”
Now, Dunitz & Company provides employment for over 100 women and men, providing fair wages and donating a portion of proceeds to community initiatives that assist with educational development and access to health resources. Dunitz and Company is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, which ensures that ethical standards are met throughout the supply chain, and a Gold Business Certified member of Green America, as well as a founding member of Fair Trade Los Angeles.

Dunitz & Company fair trade Lariat Necklace review

I've partnered with Dunitz & Company to give away this Lariat Necklace! 

Enter the Giveaway on Instagram and on the blog!!

The Moral Wardrobe: The Decadence of Fabric

vintage ethical outfit with everlanevintage ralph lauren skirtvintage ethical outfit with everlanevintage ralph lauren skirt Ethical Details: Top - Everlane; Skirt - thrifted vintage Ralph Lauren; Sandals - Betula via Ebay; Necklace - old Greenola Style c/o American Nomad

A couple months ago, I went on my annual, pre-summer skirt hunt at the local thrift stores and found this one at my first stop for $3.75. It's vintage Ralph Lauren Country, made in the USA from yards and yards of medium weight woven cotton. The sheer amount of fabric on this makes it feel decadent, and it falls beautifully because it's quite heavy. If you were to buy this much by the yard at a fabric store, you'd probably spend more than $50 before you'd even begun sewing. 

I always scoop up Ralph Lauren pieces from secondhand shops when I find them, because the cut, proportions, and fabric quality can't be beat. I'm a bit of a quality snob these days, but it's just because my experience working at a thrift shop has made me aware of the quality that used to be present in mainstream garments and is now virtually impossible to find unless you buy from a high end designer who still cares about these things. 

the moral wardrobe: Elegantees Hayley Top

elegantees fair trade blog

I heard about Elegantees on instagram a few months ago and was intrigued by their business model. Founded by fashion designer, Katie Martinez, Elegantees works closely with anti-trafficking agency, The Nepali Rescue Project, to provide consistent, gratifying employment to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. 

Elegantees focuses on dressed up basics because they want women to feel stylish, comfortable, and empowered. Designs are created and tweaked both by head designers in the US and, more recently, by Nepali staff, and sewn by a team of less than a dozen women in Nepal. Elegantees hopes to triple their sewing staff by this fall!

made in nepal elegantees
elegantees hayley
elegantees outfit post
Ethical Details: Top - Elegantees Hayley Top; Skirt - vintage; Sandals - Sseko Designs (select items* 25% off); Earrings - Mata Traders

I bought the Hayley Top in my new favorite muted pink, Rosewood, because of the cool sleeve detail. I've already received a compliment on it by a customer at work who makes her own clothing! Though it has an over-sized fit, it's cut well with slight contouring at the lower hem and a nice breast pocket. If you like t-shirts but aren't ready to go full on #normcore, Elegantees may be just the thing for you. 

Click here and get free shipping on your Elegantees order with code, STYLEWISE.


Shop the Hayley top here. Visit Elegantees on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

I received discounted product in exchange for writing this post.

*denotes affiliate link

the moral wardrobe: clothing swap

Finally, my clothing swap dreams have come true! I've wanted to attend or host a clothing swap since I first heard about them years ago, but it just never came together. But my friend, Natasha, who's moving to Austin, asked a few of us if we wanted to go through her old clothes before she donated them and I asked if she'd like to do a clothing swap instead. We headed over to her house last weekend with a couple bags of clothes each and laid out our goods for our friends to sort through. 

clothing swap

It's rather embarrassing to see how much one person can accumulate over time, but it's also a lot of fun to see your friends in your old clothes. A shirt can look totally different on someone with a different frame and I think we were all pleasantly surprised that, despite our varying sizes, we all found something that suited us. We donated the rest to the thrift shop where I work.

menswear inspired outfit
cropped jeans look
Ethical Details: Cardigan - secondhand via swap; Top - made in USA; Jeans - thrifted; Ear Cuff (not shown) - secondhand via swap

I got this cardigan from my friend, Greta. It's been funny watching her husband slowly realize that all of his wife's friends are wearing her old clothes.

the moral wardrobe: winter gingham

Ethical Details: Sweater - thrifted; Skirt - thrifted; Socks - Smart Wool; Earrings - handmade, gift from parents

There's nothing like an ear cuff to push a sort of '90s outfit over the edge. Also, this sweater was originally from Express and is most def circa 1999. 

I'm back to work this week after a two week hiatus. I enjoyed the days of sleeping until noon and online shopping in my pajamas (and visiting my family, of course), but I'm happy to be back.

On a sadder note, my childhood cat was put to sleep yesterday evening. She was suffering from an inoperable tumor in her bladder. I'm sad, but my parents, who cared for her for all 16 years of her life, are having an especially difficult time. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers this week. 

an ethical outfit: 9th & Elm giveaway

9th & Elm is a curated marketplace for all things "handmade, independent, or otherwise cool." Their focus on small scale businesses and independent designers makes it easy to find ethical pieces. I made an outfit out of a domestically produced dress, handmade beret, vintage bag, and sustainable espadrilles.

handmade clothing

In celebration of Cyber Monday, 9th & Elm is running a giveaway. Enter to win up to $100.00 in store credit! You could buy more than half of the outfit pictured above with that amount of money.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest is sponsored and run by 9th & Elm. Please read contest rules through the Rafflecopter application. Open to US and Canada residents only.

the moral wardrobe: black friday

everlane ryan pocket tee with vintage skirt personal style post on
everlane ryan pocket tee with vintage skirt personal style post on
SAD winter time outfit post on
Ethical Details: Top - Everlane*; Skirt - vintage (thrifted!); Leggings - old

After two terrible winters, I'm convinced I have seasonal affective disorder. And I don't say that flippantly, like someone saying they're "sooo OCD." The depression was numbing by the end of last winter; I was so deeply absorbed in the sadness that I'd forgotten my potential for joy. But as soon as the sun started shining and the days grew longer, I found myself laughing raucously, skipping, enjoying life again. It was a happy time, but I never forgot that feeling of sadness-for-no-reason and I never stopped worrying about the winter to come. Well, that winter is here and I'm desperately trying to hold onto the happiness, but I'm already getting restless. I'm already grimacing at myself in the mirror and sleeping in too late. 

Speaking of grimacing, please just don't do Black Friday. The good deals at big box stores, for the most part, are right in retailers' profit margin comfort zones. Sure, you may get an item at the lowest price you'll find it all season, but you're really just succumbing to retail theater. Let's stick it to the man and shop Fair Tuesday instead. 

*Everlane is using today's profits to build a better recreation space for on-site workers at their China factory. Items aren't reduced, but you can do a bit more good if you shop there today. 

the moral wardrobe: practically summer

Ethical Details: Top - vintage; Cardigan - thrifted; Earrings - Mata Traders; Shoes - old

You guys, it's practically summer outside today. Woo hoo! High of 71. They're predicting snow for Wednesday, so I've got to savor this while I can.

I've got one day of work tomorrow, followed by various reunions. I hope to visit with a friend from high school early in the week before heading to my father-in-law's wife's parents' house for Thanksgiving. Hope you're also on your way to a festive week.

the moral wardrobe: winter weight

vintage outfit for winter and other ethical outfits on
vintage outfit for winter and other ethical outfits on
vintage outfit for winter and other ethical outfits on
Outfit Details: Top - vintage; Skirt - thrifted; Socks - J. Crew; Boots - old Target

As a former Floridian, I wasn't really convinced that I'd need actual winter garments to withstand the colder months. But after just barely getting through two Charlottesville winters (which I hear are pretty mild by nearly everyone's standards), I'm a believer in seasonal attire! I've stocked up on sweaters and thick socks and recently added this wool blend skirt to the mix. It's nice to feel warm with minimal effort!

This is one of those outfits that really feels like me. Everything's comfortable and fits well. It's a bit of a vintage silhouette with modern print mixing and fairly edgy boots. Eclectic and well made.

rooftop shoot

A few weeks ago, one of my coffee shop customers asked if I'd be willing to model in a just-for-fun collaborative fashion shoot on the rooftops of downtown Charlottesville. I said yes, of course. After a few hours of hair touchups, makeup application, and trying on clothing from a local vintage boutique, the team headed up to the unfinished roof of a downtown apartment building and began shooting as the sun went down. I had a great time and am excited to work with everyone again in the future if I get the chance.

IMG_5058 IMG_5121 IMG_5131IMG_5226 IMG_5275 IMG_5292
Hair: Erica Haskins-Crutchfield at Topknot Studio / Makeup: Emily Mora / Photography: Sarah Peyton / Clothing: Low Vintage

the moral wardrobe: everyday

ar3 ar7ar4

This is my favorite skirt. It's a weird length and a crazy pattern, but it works with almost everything I own. I'm just so happy I can go bare-legged again (sort of - today it's cold and raining)! It hasn't fully sunk in that the dark ages of winter are over for a time.

The fashion show I'm participating in is this weekend! I have to go back to the salon for a touch up, get contacts, and attend rehearsals throughout the week. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to check modeling off my bucket list and maybe get some awesome action shots of myself walking the runway.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Top - J. Crew

  • Skirt - thrifted vintage

  • Sandals - MIA

follow photo

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the moral wardrobe: any day now

people tree preppy styleye3

Since the weather still hasn't decided if it'd like to become spring, I have to constantly check the forecast. On colder days, I just want to wear something easy; it's too annoying at this point in the season to obsess over layers and details.

I got myself a pair of Levi's with a 6pm giveaway credit after discovering that they're reasonably ranked for ethics and values on GoodGuide. I bought a couple more pairs of jeans using ThredUp credit (thanks to those of you who used my referral link). It's always more difficult to shop ethically for basic items that require a good fit, but I think I'm doing alright.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Sweater - H&M

  • Top - People Tree

  • Jeans - Levi's

  • Earrings - handmade via Fab

  • Loafers - vintage, for sale at Platinum & Rust

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conscientious copycat: emma watson at the oscars

emma watson

emma watson by fracturedradiance featuring a grey dress

Though Emma Watson's Oscars look may have been a bit too casual for the event, I really appreciated the minimalist style with a formal twist. I also loved the dress over pants thing she did at the Golden Globes. Both looks are unique and original, and probably a great deal more comfortable than what most female attendees wore.

I copied her look by pairing a sparkly bodycon dress (made in the usa) with a vintage mermaid maxi skirt. The earrings are fair trade via Ten Thousand Villages, the shoes and clutch are handmade, and the lipstick is fair trade, organic. For a few hundred dollars, you can get an ethical outfit that looks pretty similar to red carpet couture.

Click the styleboard to be redirected to product sources.

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the moral wardobe: perfect

ef2 ef6

This 1990s skater dress has the perfect cut in every direction. Perfect wide v-neck, perfect low back, perfect curve to the skirt, french seam in back. I love it so much that when I saw a pink version of it on etsy, I almost bought it, and I don't even like pink.

It's funny how vintage sellers often market their products as one-of-a-kind when, in reality, they have no way of knowing that. If it originated in an era of mass production, another one's likely out there somewhere.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Dress - vintage

  • Cardigan - H&M

  • Shoes - Korks by Kork-Ease, won in giveaway

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favorites: asos green room

Asos Green Room is dedicated to offering ethical and sustainable options while remaining fashion forward. Though many items are out of my everyday price range, I'm happy to see a major fashion retailer catering to ethics-minded consumers; it's certainly less tedious than typing "fair trade," "made in usa," "made in uk," or any other keywords I can think of into a website's search box in the hope of finding items I feel good about purchasing.


asosgreenroom by fracturedradiance featuring Swedish Hasbeens

Have you purchased anything from Asos Green Room? I'm pretty obsessed with asos in general, but I haven't bought anything from the Green Room line. I really love the two piece outfits they made from vintage fabrics, like the black and white floral one above.
*Click the styleboard to be redirected to product sources.

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